Betfair Rebrands as Bitefair in Support of Suarez Ban

Betfair Rebrands as Bitefair in Support of Suarez Ban

Luis Suarez’s “stumble” has proven to be quite dear, in terms of his footballing appearances, his wallet, and his reputation, with Betfair, the world’s biggest online betting exchange, rebranding to Bitefair in support of his 4-month ban.

Betfair, whose range of slots, sports bets, and casino games makes them one of the top online gambling operators around, have rebranded as Bitefair until 30 June in support of FIFA’s ban, saying that they support cracking down on unsporting behavior rather than bowing to the need for television ratings.

We’re already covered how Suarez’s actions have benefited some sports betters, but what has happened to him in terms of FIFA’s reactions?

Well, other than the ban, Suarez has suffered several sanctions as a result of his bite. He has received a CHF 100,000 (£66,000) fine, a 4-month ban as mentioned, and, perhaps most damagingly, has had his endorsement deal with cancelled and his deal with Adidas reviewed, perhaps with an eye to cancelling it too.

With that in mind, Betfair’s rebuke seems positively tame. Nevertheless, we’re glad that one of the big betting firms has also taken a stance in favor of fair play and on-field discipline, and hope that this continues.

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So well done to FIFA, well done to Bitefair, and here’s hoping that Suarez finally learns his lesson, although this writer isn’t holding out hope…