Download Casino

Online gambling sites come in different shapes and forms. Some are focused on sports betting. Others push slots the fore, whilst still more have great selections of table games.

Many online casinos are confined to specific geographical areas which players from outside their catchment area will be unable to play with; the reverse of this is cases where specific countries prevent their residents from gaming online.

But how do you play online? What is the actual process?

Well, naturally without an internet link it’s going to be difficult, but we’re assuming that this isn’t an issue since you’re reading these lines online, wherever you may be!

That isn’t the full story, however: some casinos can be played online straight via your browser, whereas others require a download.

As the name suggests, with a download casino you have to install a small program on to your desktop.

For this reason, downloadable casinos aren’t usually available to smartphones – these tend to be directly playable thanks to programming languages such as HTML5 rather than having to download anything.

That said, there are plenty of free downloadable casino games out there, though we wouldn’t recommend them. Some of them are probably fine of course, but we are concerned with your safety and security when online gaming and so we have to throw out the good with the bad unfortunately.

So be sure to do your research before you download free casino games which aren’t recommended by CDN.

Back to downloads themselves, many online gambling sites include a downloadable option (often side-by-side with a no-download version – the game selection, choice of payment methods and everything else will usually be identical).

This recognizes that different players have different tastes and requirements, some will want a downloadable casino, and others not.

Spin Palace is one good example of an online gambling site which appears in both download and no-download form.

In any event, a casino online download is a simple process. The download will only take a few moments, and the executable file which this usually entails will only be small, typically a few kilobytes, so you needn’t worry about it taking up valuable memory space on your computer.

The download file itself is a free casino games download; you don’t usually need to make a deposit or sometimes even register, so you can often download casino games for free to try them out without committing yourself!

Of course, you can do the same with a no-download casino, and that’s precisely the point – a free online casino download enables you to do the same thing as playing directly via your browser (if that option is available).

Furthermore, though it has to be said this is changing now, download casinos can often offer a faster and more enjoyable gaming experience if you don’t have a particularly fast internet connection. This was particularly the case in the old dial-up days; modern fast connections of around 10Mbps and above make this less crucial, but we realize that some of you will persist with your slower, older connections (or even have no choice in the matter!).

Another important consideration when you download online casinos is that if you are in a public access like a library, office, hotel etc. you may find that installing external software is blocked, so gambling sites that require a download actually have an advantage in that respect if you administer such an institution – you can control what users have access to, in other words.

In any case, casino software which you can install to your computer looks set to stay for the foreseeable future!