Casino Videos

The online casino revolution by necessity was born out of the internet and social media revolution, stretching back to the mid-1990s.

Think back to just a few years ago, when we had no YouTube, no Facebook and no Twitter! Seems hard to imagine how we got by, doesn’t it? (Though in any case we did!).

Well, the rise of the situation we have now, means that anyone can be a star, make videos about casinos or anything else they are interested in.

These are naturally going to be of varying quality of course, but the online gambling industry has embraced the changes, with software developers in particular not holding back in providing their own online slot video clips (which, incidentally, are a great way to get a feel for a game without making a deposit or even ‘playing’ the game in the conventional sense).

There are plenty of videos out there from both ‘official’ channels like NetEnt, as well as unofficial fan-clips, both of which have their uses, but at the same time are likely to only present one side of the picture.

One can see how a developer or casino would want to present a varnished demonstration of what they do, but fans are often notoriously biased as well (and are unlikely to go to the lengths of making videos about games which they’re lukewarm about).

Just to illustrate this, it’s often said that the worst way to choose a new phone, be it iPhone, Samsung or other, is by asking people what they have – because they’re nearly always going to recommend whatever phone they use, not wanting to appear foolish by picking an unsuitable or mediocre phone!

At the same time, online gamers are spoilt for choice with information on what’s out there, thanks in part to the sheer volume of videos, infographics and the like, which focus on the sector.

We at Casino Daily News aren’t ones to buck that trend, and as such you will find occasional online casino videos in this site.

These will often be online casino review videos, for instance of the recent (at the time of writing) Aliens from NetEnt, but we plan to expand this section little by little over time, and hope to have other casino videos, including (but not limited to) videos about online casinos and other items of interest to the busy player.

Indeed, we have already interviewed industry big-hitters at the ICE Totally Gaming and LAC conferences in London, so be sure to take a look at those interesting and informative clips.

But what form will our casino video clips take?

Well, a lengthy video clip of half an hour discussing things in great detail is probably not the direction to take; people want brief and informative content presented consistently in a personable manner which may be lacking on other sites and news outlets, so that is, broadly speaking, our vision of how this section will unfold.

For this reason, you are likely to see just one or two expert commentators bringing you most of the clips about online slots and casino video reviews. However, we are also open to subscriber suggestions and ideas, so don’t be afraid to leave us a comment (each individual casino video, or indeed each item we publish has a comments box at the bottom which you are free to use).

We tend to say this about all our sections on the site, but this is particularly important when it comes to our clips page, so check back regularly here for any new additions, for new online slot review videos, casino reviews and much more, or alternatively you can subscribe to our email alert and keep up-to-date with what’s going on with ease.