Get a Jackpot Bonanza Every Day with LeoJackpot

Get a Jackpot Bonanza Every Day with LeoJackpot


Mention the word ‘Bonanza’ to many people and it’ll conjure up images in their mind of the long-running US western TV show.

Whilst we’re not about to transform Casino Daily News into one of those TV nostalgia sites, though it’s a nice idea, the association is not so inappropriate as it might seem at first glance.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Bonanza TV series, it centered around the lives of a wealthy ranch owner and his 3 sons.

Each week the intro credits shuffled the order in which it presented the principal actors, so that everyone had equal billing and there was no ‘star’ as such.

All very democratic — and it’s like that with another, present-day Bonanza, namely LeoJackpot’s Jackpot Bonanza.

If you didn’t read our recent article about it, don’t worry — it was just an introduction, and now we’re going to fill in the details on this fantastic new offer.

How it works

First things first.

LeoJackpot’s Jackpot Bonanza can be forgiven for being a bit of a mouthful, once you learn that it’s a no-deposit bonus.

That’s right — you don’t need to have deposited a cent to take advantage of Jackpot Bonanza; the only requirement is that you have an active account with LeoJackpot, and play any one of the games available.

Since there are over 500 of these we’re guessing you’ll be able to find something that keeps you amused long enough to be in with a chance of grabbing your piece of the Jackpot Bonanza pie…

The Jackpot Bonanza works on a daily basis (weekdays only, ie. Monday-Friday — presumably LeoJackpot need some recuperation from the constant doling out of money!).

The bonus is awarded completely, and strictly, at random, and totals up to 1,000 — every day!

This sum is awarded in several parts — which won’t necessarily be divided into equal amounts — with each installment awarded at set times of the day.

The first installment will be awarded to the lucky winner between the hours of 15.00 and 16.00 (CET) so be sure to check what time that will be if you’re in a different time zone.

The next prize will be allocated anytime within the next hour (ie. 16.00-17.00 CET) and so on until all 5 portions of winnings have been awarded for that day (ie. the final winner will be chosen by 20.00 CET at the latest).

Winners will be notified ASAP and the whole process will start all over again, the very next business day! Please note that since the winner selection is wholly at random, it is entirely feasible that you could be chosen more than once (or even, more than once within the same day!).

How do I know how the 1,000 will be divided?

That’s part of the beauty - it is a surprise (suffice to say it won’t be divided into equal parts as we already said)! However, previous winners will be announced on the site, so it’s all above board and crystal clear!

What’s the catch?

Nothing at all — everything will be as described here, although wagering and other requirements will apply as with any promotion. The wagering requirement (for the bonus money awarded stands at x50).

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with how wagering requirements work — for instance, if you are awarded 100 in bonus money, it doesn’t mean you have to stump up 5,000! (ie. 50 x 100).

Instead, it means that you have to ‘play through’ that amount of money 50 times. So for instance if you wager 100 and win 1,000, and then re-wager the winnings in 100 increments, 10 times over, you have already played through 11 times.

After that, any winnings you pick up, you can re-wager, until the x50 requirement is met.

Any winnings over and above the x50 play through will be yours to keep! Once the promo is launched (which is due very soon!) you will be able to check the terms and conditions in full with LeoJackpot, if you wish.

So, watch this space, as we will announce the precise launch date of Jackpot Bonanza, and provide you with anything else you need to know, very shortly!