Casino Winners

Whilst it’s true that the world of online gaming has changed dramatically in recent years, and continues to evolve rapidly and dynamically, one thing remains constant – the idea is to win!

And with online casinos, winning of course takes on a particular resonance because it is rewarded, not so much with the thrill or competition of playing, as with a concrete, monetary payout!

In fact, whilst free play is all well and good just at an entry level or as a way to evaluate a new game or casino, and there is even a whole subculture of free-to-play casino-style games on social media, for the serious gamer, we’re going to want to play for real sooner or later.

12 Sep 2023
12 Sep 2023

Not a single spin is underestimated, especially when 4.5 million are in stake! This is what happened to Teemu, a Finnish player who scored 70,350 in one single spin on the Hall of Gods video slot at iGame Casino.

Payout rates for games vary massively of course

Table games can return quite healthy levels in some instances (always look for European, or even better, French Roulette, rather than American Roulette, for example) and most slots have a Return to Player (RTP) rate of around 95% or more these days, so they can often give out small wins.

Actually we can group slots broadly into 2 categories, high variance and low variance (also known as high and low tolerance respectively).

Without going into the technical details too much, low variance games pay out modest amounts quite frequently while high variance games don’t pay out so often, but when they do the win tends to be a big one!

You can find or request the info on RTP and other statistics from any reputable casino before committing yourself.

This brings us to our next point, which is: what can casino winners of the high tolerance games expect to take home?

Well, wins in the tens of thousands of Euros are not unheard of for some of the higher-paying slots like Dead or Alive or Gonzo’s Quest.

Granted, these don’t come around every day, but then I guess we’d all be playing slots all the time if they did!

However, you can find plenty of casino winners’ stories to reassure you that such things are possible at a good casino like Casumo or Guts, and with a little bit of patience.

But it doesn’t stop there. The biggest casino winners are invariably on the progressive jackpot slots.

In short, a progressive slot jackpot has a pooled jackpot to which every player contributes a small percentage every time they stake money on the game. This is usually matched by a percentage from the casino too.

Since these games are networked across multiple casinos, with NetEnt’s Mega Moolahbeing a good example of the practice, the progressives can reach astronomical sums very quickly.

We don’t use that word lightly, but there have been casino big winners in recent months taking home amounts in the millions of Euros (for the record, the biggest ever casino winner on a progressive at the time at writing netted themselves €17.8 MILLION just last year (2013) and we fully expect similar (or even higher) amounts to be won in the future.

But it isn’t just slots which have the monopoly on huge gambling wins

Table games sometimes throw up wins in the tens of thousands too, and a whole subsection of online gaming is online Poker.

We couldn’t round off this section, therefore, without mentioning the living legend that is Phil Ivey, who has clocked up in excess of US$19m in his relatively short Poker career. And he thinks nothing of taking away millions from the Baccarat tables too (though these wins are currently subject to 2 lawsuits from 2 different casinos). All that and he is still under 40!

So rest assured we’ll keep you up-to-date, not only about Phil Ivey, but all the online slot winners of note, and all online casino winners who we’re jealous of (no not really!). So keep tabs on our site at all times and who knows, maybe you’ll see your own name gracing our pages following yet another huge casino win!