Where are they now? Payment Methods Update: Part 2

Where are they now? Payment Methods Update: Part 2

The time has come to make a deposit at your favorite online casino. But the question, of course, is always: how can I do that?

Well, no, it’s not, as this is the internet age, and everyone knows how to use online payment methods. But if you typically use your credit card over everything else, and yet don’t like paying bank charges, we might have something to help you out.

Last week, we told you about some online casino payment methods. This article will help you find out more about some other popular methods that you may or may not have heard about. So, let’s have a look!


Ukash is a prepaid card that you can use at thousands of online stores as well as online casinos. You can buy it at many retail outlets around the world, and it lets you keep track of your online payments quickly and easily.

You’ll get a 19-digit PIN code, which you just type in when you make your deposit at your favorite online casino, and away you go. It’s safe, secure, and, as the name suggests, from the UK, meaning that it’s guaranteed by the UK’s financial watchdogs.

Some casinos may even have bonuses available if you pay with Ukash. One thing, though: as Ukash is a prepaid card, you can’t make withdrawals to it. You can, however, load up your e-wallet with it, which is almost as good.


The grand old dame of online payment methods, PayPal has been a bit reticent in allowing payments to be made to online casinos using its services. This is irritating, but somewhat understandable, since there’s always the fear of money laundering and criminal transfers taking place.
Nevertheless, as we’ve already reported about PayPal, despite having pulled out of the online casino payment methods game a few years back, the company is making a comeback of sorts, and some online casinos now accept payment via PayPal. Make sure that yours does, though, before you start using this method.


Neteller is one of the biggest e-wallet providers in the world, and is almost a fixture in the online gaming world.

If you haven’t heard the term before, e-wallets are basically online accounts that aren’t connected to your bank account in any way. But, in the same way you don’t carry your entire net worth around with you in your wallet, you don’t have to keep a huge amount of cash in your e-wallet. For that reason, this is a very handy payment system.

Neteller payments typically don’t cost you anything, so if you’re topping up your online casino account, you’re going to save a bit of cash with this method. Another thing is that you can also make withdrawals to your Neteller e-wallet. This is undoubtedly one of the best payment methods around. The only possible problem might be that it’s not accepted at your preferred casino. In which case…


Skrill, previously known as Moneybookers, is the most popular e-wallet for online casino players. Offering payments in 40 different currencies, across 200 countries, and used by 156,000 merchants and 36 million customers, Skrill is massive.

It’s an e-wallet system, which means you just have to top up your account and make payments from there. You can also make withdrawals to your account, and, best of all, no deposit charges!

It turns out that Skrill bought out paysafecard last year, too, so you’re also in good hands if you prefer to pay using prepaid cards.

The verdict?

So there you have it. In two parts, we’ve covered the most popular online payment methods. But which is the best?

For ubiquity, we’d go with credit cards. However, because of the potentially steep payment charges, it’s not always best to use your Visa online.

So we’d recommend you go with an e-wallet system like Skrill, or, if you prefer, a prepaid card such as paysafecard. Both are very safe, very secure, and accepted almost anywhere.

In fact, if you find an online casino that doesn’t accept either of those payment methods, let us know, because it seems like they’re rarer than hens’ teeth.