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There are a lot of different ways to pay securely online when gaming or indeed when making payments and withdrawals online in a whole host of different arenas.

Some of these secure providers are specific to certain geographical areas. Others are much more widespread, and still others are more ‘traditional,’ established methods which predate online gaming.

There are those methods which require you to register, undergoing a full security procedure, then there are intermediary providers who facilitate quick payment form your credit or debit card.

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Some variants make up something like a halfway house between ‘traditional’ methods and the ‘pay and forget’ types of prepaid card, which usually goes under the umbrella term of ‘eWallet’ (if that’s not mixing metaphors!).

And then there are those which constitute a type of e-money, such as Bitcoin.

That’s not all, though, as we can also use pre-paid cards, vouchers, or at the very least PIN numbers, purchasable usually in incremental amounts and which have the advantage of relative anonymity - this suits some players more than others, and is a type of product which is likely to burgeon in future as well.

One good example of this last phenomenon and which is definitely worth looking at for online gaming use is Ukash.

Advantages of choosing Ukash as a payment method

When you play at a Ukash online casino, you are in for a mercifully simple experience.

All it entails is purchasing a unique, secure, 19-digit number from a participating retail outlet, and then you’re away and ready to play at Ukash casinos!

But how do you know where the outlets are and whether you can play at Ukash casino sites in your jurisdiction?

The company site has a store locator which will help you find the nearest place to you where you can buy a number. ATMs also issue Ukash numbers and if there are no outlets near you, fear not – you can also purchase the numbers on their website!

It’s available in 55 countries round the world, from some 420,000 sales outlets (according to their site) so Ukash in fact seems to have a greater level of market penetration than some other products.

But why would you do that when there is such a huge number of alternatives?

As we already suggested, apart from the speed of play at online casinos that use Ukash, there is also a marked lack of a ‘paper trail’. This of course suits some players, as does the fact that you don’t have to divulge personal details to the Ukash casino.

In fact, Ukash take security very seriously, with advice on their site such as guarding your PIN number as you would cash (as the 12 digit number is all a would-be scammer would need in order to get access to your deposit) and also supports a website called, which as its name suggests helps to combat fraud.

For this reason you will have no problem when playing at an online casino that accepts Ukash.

Therefore, it’s perhaps no surprise that Ukash won both the UK and Canadian awards for best virtual prepaid program in 2012, and won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2011 and 2012, in the international trade category.

There are a couple of other things worth mentioning about casinos online that accept Ukash.

First, it is generally a one-way process, because you are making a payment using your unique number. However, if you come to make a withdrawal you will probably need to use another method to make withdrawals, but check with the Ukash casino online in question first.

Second, some casinos may offer a bonus for choosing Ukash as a payment method, so keep a look out for any of those, which might include free spins, free money or other promos.

One way you can do that is to check back regularly with our site. We have all the up-to-date info, not only about Ukash online casinos, but all types of casinos, game reviews, rules, strategies and tips on play, news about big winners, legal issues and much more. You can also sign up to our email alert so get the news to your inbox without having to log on at all!



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