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PayPal is a payment service with perhaps a longer pedigree online than any other.

Beginning its history back in 2000, PayPal fast became the payment method of choice for online auction site eBay, to the extent that it actually became a subsidiary of that online titan (who used to own Skype too, incidentally).

In a nutshell, it is a secure payment provider, you make the payment from your account and it gets transferred to the PayPal account of the casino you’re depositing at.

PayPal has always been very highly thought of, and rightly so; indeed in the very early days of online gaming, when there were a lot of cowboys around, the company decided to withdraw from the marketplace altogether, in 2002, returning a few years later when the industry had cleaned up its act!

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Since then, they have gone from strength to strength and are as firm a favorite for online payment to casinos as they are for other businesses.

But is that it – use PayPal because it is secure and fast (plus you don’t have to share as many personal details with the merchants as you would with some other methods such as credit card).

Well you can also add to that its ubiquity – according to their statistics the company has over 143m registered, live accounts in 193 jurisdictions, and in over 25 different currencies, so there’s a strong likelihood of you being able to pay with PayPal, wherever you are in the world.

Plus it would normally be the case that a casino which hosted PayPal as a deposit method would also facilitate withdrawing money (and hopefully winnings!) from your account.

However, as well as all of these factors in its favor, there is one more, quite major bonus...

In fact bonus is the key word here - PayPal online casino bonuses can make the difference between choosing PayPal as your payment method, and going down some other route.

But how do the best online casino PayPal bonuses work?

Quite straightforwardly as it goes. Essentially if you find a casino PayPal payment method bonus, which the site ought to direct you towards if its offering such a thing, you simply have to make a deposit using that method, and then claim your bonus!

Often, you won’t even need to make subsequent deposits using PayPal (if you don’t want to) after that initial one, but always check the terms and conditions with the casino.

But what form will an online casino PayPal bonus take?

Well, how long is a piece of string?...

Actually we’re being slightly facetious. There are 2 main types categories which together could go to make up a PayPal casino bonus.

The first is ‘free money’ to play with, similar to what you can get as a Welcome Bonus package.

Typical amounts could be anything from €40 or so, up to hundreds of Euros, so do keep an eye open for these.

They would normally be expressed as a percentage of your deposit, probably not as much as 100% as with regular Welcome Bonuses but, say, 50% would be a typical amount.

So for instance if you deposited €100 with your first payment, the PayPal online casino bonus might be €50 on top of that.

Be prepared for wagering requirements with that free money, which you have to ‘play through’ before making a withdrawal. A wagering requirement of x30 is a typical figure.

The other type of bonus which might appear is Free Spins – exactly as the name suggests and usually with no wagering requirements, casinos will often give these (which could be anything from 5 to 50 or more!) on new or popular slots.

There may also be hybrids of these (ie. Free Spins AND ‘Free’ money to play with) which may or may not be tied to specific games, and other, rarer bonuses could include loyalty points, entry into raffles or other competitions, and sometimes even goodies like T-shirts, Flash Sticks and other promo stuff.

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