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Sometimes it’s difficult to choose which payment method to use, when making a deposit at a casino (or, even more happily, when making a withdrawal!).

Credit and debit cards, eWallets, bank transfer, money wire, virtual cash, prepaid cards, Bitcoin…

They all vie for your attention, and you could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed sometimes.

Luckily there are ways of filtering out the noise and determining which provider is the one for you.

You need to consider first how much you want to stump up.

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If you are only going for small amounts, prepaid cards/numbers can be a good way of doing it, since they usually don’t incur any fees, are purchasable in small, incremental amounts (which incidentally you don’t usually need to use up all in one go) and also don’t leave a ‘paper trail’ of transactions, nor require you to share any payment details with the merchant.

On the other hand you might want to do just that, for your own records, in which case more traditional methods like credit or debit card, not to mention bank transfer, might suit you more.

These are also more suitable for larger sums – particularly given that they often incur fees, and also, at least in the case of bank transfer, can take longer to reach the casino than more immediate methods.

Some players plump for eWallets, which are something like a ‘halfway house’ between prepaid cards and bank methods – you need to share some details but not all, yet the method is quite fast and certainly secure.

Another factor worth mentioning is whether a payment method is actually available in your jurisdiction.

That seems like common sense, but did you also know that some payment method providers specifically focus on one region and the nuances and details that separate it from other parts of the world, even in today’s wired environment?

And you may also be surprised to know that sometimes a payment method which can be used to make a deposit cannot necessarily be used in the (even happier) situation of making a withdrawal from a casino (you’ll still be able to make a withdrawal, just via another payment channel – always ask the casino if you can’t find the information on their site, they always have good customer service including live chat, if they’re listed with us, that is).

These are all things you need to consider when choosing a method(s) of payment, but that can still leave you with multiple options, especially with some of the more established sites.

Take for instance Ukash, one of the ‘prepaid’ variants noted above (which actually isn’t even a card, but simply a 16 digit number which can be purchased for fixed amounts).

This has some advantages as noted, but perhaps your decision would ultimately be swayed in its favor should you find out that an online casino Ukash bonus was available.

This is simply as its name suggests, a bonus which casinos may offer for choosing Ukash rather than another payment provider.

But why would a site offer a Ukash casino bonus at all?

This is primarily because Ukash provides an advantage to the merchant as well as to the player, and these are roughly the same factors as well – speed, ease of processing (thus cutting down on admin costs) and security.

So what form will the best online casino Ukash bonuses take?

They would usually be either bonus money along similar lines to the Welcome Bonus offered by many online gaming sites, where the amount you deposit will be matched with an amount of ‘free’ money (though not usually 100% - they’re trying to run a business here! – figures of around 50% would be more typical).

The other common option for a Ukash online casino bonus would be Free Spins on a slot, usually a designated game which was being promoted, eg. because it was a new game or one which was fitting for the time of year (eg. Secret Santa, at Christmas time).

A less common type of casino Ukash payment method bonus would be ‘free’ money as a fixed amount (say €50), loyalty or reward points, entry into raffles or other competitions, free gifts, VIP membership and more.

A little bit of reflection can help us understand why Ukash online casino bonuses would help us make our decision in which payment provider to use, then!

Always stay one step ahead of the competition by visiting or bookmarking our site for, not only the best Ukash casino bonuses, but also a wealth of helpful information on new slots, hints and tips, big winners and much, much more!



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