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There’s such a bewildering array of payments that sometimes it might seem difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

eWallets, virtual cash, prepaid cards and secure online payment providers of a variety of hues vie for your attention against more traditional routes like credit and debit card, bank transfer, and wire transfer.

So how does one go about picking the right method?

Well, you really need to find out which methods suit your needs – for example, if you prefer not to leave a ‘paper trail’, you can go for one of the prepaid cards like Paysafecard.

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Alternatively if you DO want a record of all your transactions, as well as speed and flexibility (prepaid cards and numbers tend to come in fixed amounts, and eWallets and certainly bank transfers can sometimes take a little bit of time) you may prefer to use your credit or debit card.

Plus a little bit of reflection will remind you that credit and debit cards, and particularly credit cards, are still the most popular payment method for goods and services online.

Visa and Mastercard are naturally the most popular providers, and are accepted at all gambling sites of any repute (and you should probably steer well clear of a site which doesn’t!) and some sites will also take Diners Club and, occasionally, American Express.

But there is an added reason for sometimes choosing credit card as a payment method (of course, you’re not tied down to one payment method forever, you can vary your service of choice depending on the situation and the casino).

This is the phenomenon of the online casino credit card bonus, to give it its full title!

Bit of a mouthful, it may sound, so let’s explain a little bit more about the principle.

When you play at a site, obviously you have to deposit money sooner or later, if you wish to win something, and an important stage in deciding to take the plunge revolves around what bonuses and other promos you can take advantage of by signing up to a casino – and that’s where a casino credit card payment method bonus comes in.

Essentially the casino is rewarding you for using a specific payment method, in the case of a credit card casino bonus, obviously for using a credit card!

But what form would a credit card online casino bonus take?

There are a variety of different possibilities and we don’t have the scope or the space to go into all of them, but the best credit card casino bonuses would most likely be one of the following:

A money bonus of a percentage of your deposit (say, 50% up to €100);

Free spins on any game (anything from a handful up to 30, 40 or more!);

Free spins on a specific game (often a newer or more popular slot);

Entry into a competition or prize draw;

Loyalty or reward points;

Occasionally there may be some material item up for grabs (T Shirt, flash stick etc.).

The best online casino credit card bonuses should also have fair terms and conditions attached to them, so always read the small print – there will usually be wagering requirements for any free money, as there is for any Welcome Bonus, and a normal level would be x30 or so – if it’s massively beyond that you should reconsider your options.

One other caveat - credit card online casino bonuses - are only worth pursuing if you can actually use the credit card in question on the site in question in your jurisdiction.

This should normally be the case but always check first (and indeed with any payment method) so you don’t end up signing up for something which you can’t then use.



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