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You could be forgiven for finding the online casino world a bit bewildering if you’re a newcomer.

Slot games, jackpots, classic games, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker, Keno, Bingo, Scratchcards…there’s an awful lot to choose from it has to be said.

Well, we at Casino Daily News strive to make it easy for you, by sifting through what suits you and what doesn’t.

So if you think you wouldn’t be interested in how to win at video slots, you need read no further as this won’t be useful for you.

However we’re guessing that you clicked on this page for a reason, so read on and we’ll explain a little more about video slot machine games!

What you should know about video slot machines

It has to be said that video slot machines are in effect the bread and butter of online casinos, just as the old-fashioned stand-up one-armed bandits were the mainstay of the traditional casino.

Developers like NetEnt and Microgaming put a lot of their resources into their video slots, not surprisingly as they’re amongst the most popular types of gaming. And if you haven’t spun the reels for a while, you’ll be amazed at how far things have come over the last few years.

They have amazing graphics, often flash-animated, which allows for features we would never have had on the slots of yore, with stacking wilds, sticky wilds (which stay where they are as the reels spin), scatter symbols (which make up a win wherever they appear on a reel), exploding wilds, animated symbols, variable paylines, second screens (and more), bonus rounds – in fact when you play video slot games you might be struck by just how closely the experience resembles that of playing regular video games either on you PC or on a gaming console.

Add to that the sound – no more bells or alarms or beeping noises; developers will put in sound effects which are relevant to the game in question – so a game like Blood Suckers will have vampire-related effects like creaking coffin doors, or perhaps you prefer the profanities of South Park – because there’s a video slot based on that too, believe it or not!

The slots also have soundtracks playing in the background – but don’t worry if you find these enervating; they can easily be muted, another advantage of the online slots over the old-school games.

How do you play casino video slots?

Quite straightforward – you simply need to set up an account by registering at one of the online casinos we list, deposit some money and start playing, perhaps with the welcome bonus that casinos often offer.

Actually that brings us on to another point - free video slots online. Using your welcome bonus or any other bonus is a way of effectively playing for free, because although you have to make a deposit, the casino will match that with money for you to play with (in the case of a welcome bonus(es) ) or grant bonuses at other times, and you can potentially win from that.

Please note when you’re attempting to play video slots free that a welcome bonus will have wagering requirements attached to it which means that you have to ‘playthrough’ a certain number of times before you can claim any winnings.

On the other hand, casinos will often offer free spins either to new players or as a part of other promotions, often with the arrival of a new and major video slot.

These free spins are exactly that, a way of playing free online video slots for a short time (a typical amount of free spins might be something like 10 or 15, thought it can often run much higher).

Alternatively, there are also free video slot games of varying quality which you can just play for fun, or you can even often play for practice at a casino before you decide to commit and register and open an account.

Naturally any winnings you may get this way will not be for real either though! But it is a good way of trying before you buy.

One other thing we should mention, some casinos require you to download a piece of software before you play; with others (and this is increasingly the trend) you can play with a free video slots no download site (or a paid no download site for that matter) and then again many casinos offer both options.

Please also note that since mobile gaming is the next big thing, many developers are offering mobile slots for your smartphone or tablet, so you can play on the go as well!