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Webmoney Casino Bonus

Webmoney is an ingenious, popular and burgeoning payment method for online casinos (and other types of online merchant) focusing primarily on the Russian and former-CIS countries marketplace.

That said, it is available globally nowadays.

It has an unusual principle, in that users purchase Webmoney units (WMs) which are valued against assets held by guarantors and which users hold rights to for as long as they hold the WMs.

In some respects, therefore, it resembles a virtual currency like Bitcoin; as yet it doesn’t seem to have attracted the negative publicity of the latter, however.

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Advantages of Webmoney

These include its speed, the fact that it is free to open an account, and the low fees incurred in making payment (typically 0.8%, as compared with some credit card fees which can be 2-3%).

Another advantage to the player at least is the fact that Webmoney is relatively anonymous, so you don’t have to share too many details with a merchant or leave a lengthy paper trail of transactions. This suits some players, and not others. Each to his own.

But there are other plusses too.

Perhaps one of the most unexpected, if welcome, boons is the phenomenon of the Webmoney casino bonus.

What is a Webmoney bonus exactly?

In short a Webmoney online casino bonus is a way of the site making you feel welcome for using that payment method vis-à-vis another.

More than that, it’s a reward for using this payment method!

But why would an online casino Webmoney bonus be made available in any case, and what forms would the promotion take?

Turning to the first question, as noted, these offers are a way to induce anybody who is not sure what payment method to use (and there is a plethora of them) to plump for Webmoney – but the casino isn’t doing that simply for Webmoney’s sake.

In fact, they would do so because Webmoney suited them, for whatever reason – either it’s secure, or it takes a lot of the hassle out of processing payments, or it’s a way of a casino being sure that a player is who he or she claims to be, or a combination of these and other reasons.

The point is, the betting site wants people to pick this particular payment method!

As to what constitutes the best online casino Webmoney bonuses, these are in the main twofold.

First, you might be offered ‘Free Money’ as a percentage of your initial deposit. In this case a gambling outlet will reward you with a percentage of whatever you deposited.

This works along similar lines to a Welcome Bonus, in that there would be a limit to the amount of bonus money you could claim, but percentages would likely be less than the 100% for most Welcome Bonuses.

Typical figures for this type of casino Webmoney payment method bonus would be around 50% up to around €100.

So for instance if you deposited €50 using Webmoney, the casino would reward you with another €25 to play with (though bear in mind there will be wagering requirements attached - around x30 might be expected, but always read the small print).

The other route which is quite common is for sites to offer Free Spins – usually on new slots or games which are being pushed for some other reason (eg. slots with a Christmas theme will usually, surprise surprise, be in vogue during the run-up to Christmas).

These are in many ways even more alluring than bonus money because any winnings you might accrue on the Free Spins (which have just as much chance of striking gold as regular spins would) will be yours to keep!

There are potentially other Webmoney online casino bonuses out there which could be a combination of the above, or promos like entry into a competition or raffle, loyalty points and even gifts as well!

For all the news about the best Webmoney casino bonuses, and other offers, promos, new slots, casino reviews, hints and tips and much more, stay tuned to our site and keep one step ahead of the game!



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