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One of the many advantages of bringing you up-to-the-minute intelligence about the online gaming landscape, be it news about games, new casinos, big winners, legal developments, or payment methods, is that you not only keep abreast of what’s happening in the online gaming world before everyone else, but also, in the case of payment methods, you can use them to your advantage outside the gaming world.

In other words, what you find out about a payment process, as is the case with Fundsend casino sites, you can use to your advantage with online merchants which are not gambling sites.

Anyway, back to the point in hand and yes, as mentioned, we are talking about online casinos using Fundsend to make secure payments and withdrawals.

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But what is Fundsend?

It’s quite straightforward really, compared with many other secure payment methods.

Whereas some secure payment providers entail the setting up of an online, virtual e-wallet, a kind of middleman, and others involve purchasing prepaid cards or vouchers, when you go to an online casino that accepts Fundsend, you are really just making a direct payment from one account to another.

To do this you would need a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, or one of their derivatives, and that’s about it for playing at Fundsend casinos.

But since you can usually use Mastercard and Visa directly at online casinos, not to mention make money transfers via various different services such as Western Union, why then would you need to use a Fundsend casino, or use that method of payment at any rate?

There are several distinct advantages with using Fundsend

First of all, you don’t need to register to set up an account in order to play at casinos online that accept Fundsend.

This not only saves time, but circumvents having to share personal details with third parties as would be the case with setting up an eWallet account, for example.

You have already divulged plenty of details to your bank or credit-card company; and in today’s security and privacy-conscious world, more and more people are keeping a closer eye on just what they make available.

With Fundsend you just join via their site, and away you go.

It is also possible to sign up for lower fees, incidentally, which brings us to the next good point when using a Fundsend casino online – the fees are generally lower than regular credit card fees (2.49% within Europe for non-registered players and 1.99% for registered players at the time of writing).

More than that, you can send larger funds with a Fundsend online casino than you can with other methods as well, up to £5,000 at the time of writing, which ought to be plenty for the vast majority of gamers we think you’ll agree!

The company’s services are, at the time of writing, available in 10 countries, and that number looks set to grow – the reason why we’ve been havering about the status at press time is because Fundsend is a new product, and we fully expect the number of Fundsend online casinos to grow in line with the company’s own growth.

Yes, it has plenty of competitors, but it seems that Fundsend has enough going for it as outlined above, added to the fact that it is registered in London and so is subject to the stringent financial regulations of that jurisdiction.

So, watch this space for more news not only on Fundsend and all the other payment providers, but also all other news concerning new online slots, bonuses and promotions that the casinos are offering, big winners, game tips and strategies, legal developments, competitions and much more!



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