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Fundsend Casino Bonus

Fundsend is a secure, online payment method which facilitates transactions to and from debit and credit cards (at least Mastercard and Visa, at the time of writing).

It is fast, secure and reliable and simply requires you have an account, as well as the recipient’s ID in order to make payment.

It also incurs, at least within Europe, somewhat lower fees (1.9%) for making payment to a registered account than is the case with using your credit or debit card directly (fees are typically in the 2-3% range in this case).

Another major incentive for some players to use Fundsend is that you do not need to reveal as many personal details to the merchant as you would do with credit or debit cards, which some users feel more comfortable with.

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At the same time, using Fundsend will still leave you with some kind of record of transactions, which again suits some players.

Are these the only advantages?

Far from it. There is one more, big fat plus point to this method of payment, and that is the online casino Fundsend bonus.

But what does such a verbose phrase actually mean?

Exactly what it says, really. Some gaming sites will reward you for using Fundsend as a payment method, as against some other provider.

But why on earth would they do this, surely not out of some misplaced burst of altruism?

Well, it’s true that Fundsend online casino bonuses tend to appear for more mundane and materialistic reasons than that – this is gambling, after all!

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of them. A Fundsend casino bonus will only make sense in fact if the site gets some kind of benefit from accepting (and making) payments using that provider.

In other words, there are pluses for the gaming provider in using this payment method too.

These are mainly the same as they are for the player – security and speed of use, thus cutting down administration costs.

Fundsend also provides a way for casinos to be sure that a player is exactly who he or she says he or she is, so they can be reassured they won’t fall foul of money laundering, illegal play (due to a customer being underage or in a jurisdiction where online gambling is forbidden, for instance) and other malpractices.

But what form do the best online casino Fundsend bonuses take?

Essentially they would tend to mirror the Welcome Bonuses that most casinos offer.

So players might be offered ‘free’ money for choosing Fundsend, as a percentage of their initial deposit.

Typical amounts might be 50%, maybe more. So for instance if a player deposited €100 using the service, the casino Fundsend payment method bonus would grant them an extra €50 to play with.

Of course limits would apply, and there would also be wagering requirements attached to any promo of this type, so always check the small print.

Still, in the world of gaming you take all you can, and little bonuses like these can make a huge difference – you aren’t tied into using Fundsend every time, on the whole you will be able to change your payment method to another provider later on if you prefer.

The other type of Fundsend online casino bonus which can be on offer is Free Spins.
Free Spins are even simpler, giving you a number of free ‘goes’ on a slot, usually a designated slot, often one which casinos are promoting for some reason – particularly a newly-launched game.

Typical amounts of Free Spins could be anything from a handful up to 30 or more, so this is not anything to be sniffed at either!

And any money you win using Free Spins will be yours to keep!

Finally and more rarely, sites may offer other payment method bonuses including loyalty points, VIP membership, a set amount of bonus cash, entry into a competition, free gifts and more, so this is clearly an area you’ll want to keep tabs on!

The best way to do that is to check back with our sit regularly – we carry all the up-to-date news about the best Fundsend casino bonuses, other payment method bonuses, new slots, big winners, casino reviews, hints and tips, all the promos being run by casinos, legal issues, Poker and sports betting news and a whole lot more!



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