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Neteller Casino Bonus

There are so many payment methods out there that you can be forgiven for getting overwhelmed by it all.

Credit and debit cards, eWallets, bank transfer, wire transfer, prepaid cards, virtual currency and more all appear in a variety of different guises on the pages of online casinos, and you can be forgiven for not knowing which way to turn sometimes.

Well, there is one way in which the decision can be made easier for you, which we’ll explain below, but first a bit of background.

Neteller is an eWallet service which allows users to deposit money and withdraw it from their secure online ‘location’.

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It was an early payment method of choice for the online gaming industry, having been established in 2000, and is offered at pretty much well all casino sites of any repute.

Neteller is available in, according to their site, 200 or more jurisdictions, so it seems highly likely that you will be able to use it to pay and withdraw with (though always check of course!).

Its main advantages, apart from its ubiquity, are speed and security

Speed, because setting up an account doesn’t take long, and transferring money into the eWallet, paying out to a casino, or conversely withdrawing winnings from your account into your eWallet and from your eWallet to your bank can all be done with little more than a few clicks.

Security, because the provider is long established and proven, making use of the best SSL certificates and other security measures that technology can provide, and is rated and regulated by the UK-based Financial Conduct Authority.

Using Neteller also means that you don’t have to leave much of a ‘paper trail’ of your transactions and, even more important to many, you don’t need to share your details with the merchant, but at the same time you have some record of what you have spent and received (unlike with a prepaid card service).

But there is an additional reason for choosing this payment method – the online casino Neteller bonus.

This is pretty much what it sounds like, if you sign up to a casino using Neteller as a payment method, you may be rewarded with a Neteller casino bonus.

Neteller bonuses can take several different forms

One of the more common offerings is a matching bonus.

In this case the Neteller online casino bonus will be a percentage of whatever your deposit is (not usually 100%, but typical figures might be 50% or thereabouts).

There would usually be a limit to the amount you can deposit to claim this kind of Neteller casino payment method bonus, say around €100 would be a probable sum; you can deposit much more of course, just that the bonus would be limited to a certain amount (otherwise players would be depositing hundreds of Euros, Pounds etc.!).

Other types of promotions can include free spins, a combination of additional money and free spins, a set amount of ‘free money’ no matter what you deposited, entry into a competition or raffle, and possibly even material gifts.

These promotions are sometimes also twinned with loyalty programs or ‘refer a friend’ bonuses, so look out for these too.

Obviously the best online casino Neteller bonuses ought to act as an inducement to anybody who is ‘sitting on the fence’ as to what payment provider to choose, but what of the gambling sites themselves - what’s in it for them to offer a payment method bonus for Neteller (or indeed any other provider)?

One of the prime reasons to choose Neteller is that the security advantage is a 2-way thing – through its use, in addition to the advantages to the gamer, the casino can be sure that a player is who he or she says they are, and ensure that, for example, they are of a legal gaming age and playing in a jurisdiction where gaming at that site, with that payment method (or indeed, gaming at all) is permitted.

So Neteller online casino bonuses are a way for sites to watch their own backs as well.

Be sure to check regularly with our site for information on the best Neteller casino bonuses, and indeed anything else related to the online gaming industry.



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