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What is a Match Bonus?

One of the advantages of playing at gambling sites is the incentives and the promotions offered. Gaming sites encourage players to gamble on their site by providing various types of deals. The most common offer on almost every site is the match bonus. These  were started in order to attract new players.


To avail such a promotional offer, create an account with the gaming site and make a deposit. The gaming site will then put extra money equal to a certain percentage of your deposit amount in your account. This incentive gives you some free money to play casino games. The reload amount attracts players from all over the world.


Welcome or Reload Bonus

Most of the gaming sites have a generous 1st deposit promotion which could be 100%, 200%, or even 400% of your deposit amount. Many gaming sites offer multiple incentives and deals. So they provide a code for every cash incentive which needs to be entered in the cashier segment while depositing money. Some sites do not ask for a code. As soon as you make your first deposit, you will automatically receive the amount in your gaming account along with your deposited money.


Several sites have a limit on this b amount. For example if a site offers 100% match bonus up to $500, then even if your first deposit is greater than $500, you will only get $500 as free cash. Similarly if the gaming site offers 200% reload bonus with a limit of $800, then every deposit of up to $400 will receive double the amount of their deposit as a cash incentive. However, all deposits more than $400 will not get 200% of their deposit amount, but instead will get a fixed $800 bonus.


Refill Match Bonus

The 1st deposit promotional offer attracts new users. But gaming sites also have to retain their existing players. Gambling sites provide reload amounts on 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th deposits to encourage players to continue playing at their site. Generally the percentage matched in these promotions is less compared to the percentage matched on your first deposit. For example, a gaming site might offer 200% reload amount on first deposit, 100% on the 2nd deposit and only 50% on the 3rd deposit.


Conditions that need to be fulfilled before Withdrawing Reload cash incentive

To prevent misuse of promotions and incentives, the gaming sites impose certain conditions like minimum amount that should be wagered, the minimum number of bets that have to be placed, and the minimum amount that needs to be deposited. All these conditions need to be fulfilled before withdrawing any payouts.


To prevent players from just depositing money, getting the incentive and withdrawing the entire amount without playing any casino games, gaming sites put these minimum wagering constraints.


These sites make sure that you use all the money and at least some part of the money you deposit for playing games and only then will they let you withdraw from your online gaming account.

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