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Casino offers, bonuses, seasonal prizes and Free Spins are always welcomed by our readers. Nevertheless, it is also important for us and our customers to know a bit more about the online casino industry, how the market’s changing, what new trends and brands are popping out everywhere and, most importantly, which casinos are more reliable to play at, what double standards some of them use, and how player scan protect themselves without adversely affecting their time spent playing online.

Editorials are a way to bring you news that will stick with you, even after you power down.

Sure, Welcome Bonuses and special offers are interesting enough to make us play at a specific site, but is it a trustworthy online casino? How can we tell the difference between a reliable offer and a scam?

Champions League – the Early Bird gets the (Golden) Worm

One could think that it is hard to make good bets in the Champions League. It is by far the largest event in club football competition. (more…) [...]

Two Players win Millions in Video Poker Exploit – Part 4

With a bit of luck, the boys found out that the double up feature had to be turned on so the sequence they were using by pressing the buttons could [...]

Two Players win Millions in Video Poker Exploit - Part 3

We last saw our pair of anti-heroes, John Kane and Andre Nestor, with high expectations after their massive breakthrough, going out to conquer Las Vegas, with a view to picking-up [...]

Two players won millions after figuring out how to win jackpot after jackpot in video poker! - Part 2

Video Poker_130x90
Last week we took a look at John Kane, the man who once won a thousand dollar jackpot on Video Poker, without getting a winning combination of any kind, and [...]

Need a Break from Slots? Give Bingo a Try!

online bingo article news image 130 90
There are an awful lot of slots on the market now – and that’s a good thing of course. (more…) [...]

Andrè Villa under Scrutiny for Instagram Post

Andre Villa_130x90
Andrè Villa, a young free-style FMX pro, internationally recognized as one of the top 5 MX riders in the world, is facing legal charges in Norway for having published an [...]

Sweden taken to EU Court over Gambling Laws

Svenska Spel 130x90
Sweden has been taken to court by the European Commission over what the EC says are violations of the EU’s principle of free movement of services. (more…) [...]

Two Players Win Jackpot After Jackpot in Video Poker Exploits…

It sounds like a dream, something too good to be true… (more…) [...]

How to Choose a Casino Game Based on Your Personality

three-men-playing-roulette 130
Have you ever felt overwhelmed in a supermarket because there are simply too many choices? (more…) [...]

Gambling and Religion: What do the Holy Books Say?

Gambling is recognized as one of the oldest of all forms of entertainment, and researchers have found evidence of luck- and fate-oriented rituals and rites in amongst the ruins of [...]
By launching our Editor’s Picks section, Casino Daily News joins the debate with a wide number of writers, bloggers and contributors, providing full news coverage on the latest topics and trends that affect gamblers in one way or another.

“Variety is the spice of life” - Guy Kawasaki

Our editor’s picks feature articles by a variety of writers, all deeply immersed in the betting industry, whether it be online casino games, land-based casinos, table games or sports bets, all the way to the legal regulations that underpin the gambling industry, including new legislation and markets where the gambling business is growing.

Our editorials ensure thorough market analysis while preserving journalistic independence, pursuing a variety of perspectives on different issues that affect the gambling industry.

Nowadays, online casinos are exploding, but sometimes it seems as if politics can affect it more than market fluctuations.

Sure, it isn’t easy to foresee what will happen in the near future, but, with enough data, it might be somewhat easier to grasp an idea of how things might change in the short to medium run, including issues such as:how can a change in the gambling regulations of a specific country affect other markets; and, how can land-based casinos affect online ones?

The list of issues surrounding online casinos can go on ad infinitum, but what matters is that readers have the proper tools to decide for themselves whether or not to choose an online casino, whether to play a specific game, or perhaps just get to know some basic regulations that may affect the industry in the future.

Building an online gambling ecosystem needs the view of an outsider to provide a wider approach on the iGaming business, where the industry is headed to, how to tell the difference between a copycat and a breakthrough, or simply to get a fresh perspective on online casinos.



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