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How long until somebody hits the jackpot? That's what people were asking themselves when Mega Moolah went past €6m not too long ago. No comparable game makes comparable wins possible, and hardly any other kind of game is as popular as the progressive jackpot. There's a very simple reason: These games are part of a huge system that's played by hundreds of thousands of people every day, and every real-money wager placed on a progressive adds to the winning sum.

Usually sites feature anywhere from a few to up to about 20 of them, still a relatively small percentage compared with often hundreds of slots offered by a single online casino.

A New Out-of-this-World Jackpot Slot to Hit your Screen soon

Cosmic Fortune 130x90
NetEnt’s newest progressive jackpot slot will be released in November, and it’s out of this world! (more…) [...]

€2,658,000 Jackpot Needs to be Cracked at Betway

Are you up to the task and do you have plenty of cool ideas about what you would do with over €2.5m? (more…) [...]

Mega Fortune Jackpot Now Available at Tivoli Casino

Despite being a newcomer to the online gaming scene, Tivoli Casino have become firm favorites amongst players in just a few months. (more…) [...]

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Falls at ÂŁ2.1 Million

Betsson Mega Fortune Dream 130x90
Last week saw the fall of NetEnt’s newest progressive jackpot slot, with one lucky player winning over €2.7 million at a Betsson Group casino! (more…) [...]

Watch this Amazing Video of a Father Telling his Sons he has Won the Lottery

danish Cash 130
A Danish man, Poul Hjortbøl, recently won the Danish lottery jackpot of $2.7 million, and luckily for us, he had the bright idea of filming his two sons as he [...]

There’s almost €10 Million in Jackpots at Winner Casino

Winner NetEnt 130x90
It’s true, it’s all there waiting for some lucky player to come along and trigger the jackpot avalanche. (more…) [...]

€3.2 Million up for Grabs at LeoVegas

The Mega Fortune jackpot has fallen, but there’s an even bigger prize up for grabs at LeoVegas! (more…) [...]

Swedish Player Wins €2.5 Million on Mega Fortune Touch at LeoVegas

LV Mega Fortune Touch 130x90
A lucky Swedish player has become an instant multimillionaire with one of NetEnt’s big jackpot slots at LeoVegas. (more…) [...]

John Cleese tells Anti-Gambling Activists to Boil Their Bottoms

Spamalot 130x90
It turns out that the most visible of the old Pythons doesn’t like being badgered about things he has no control over… (more…) [...]

Legendary Lion’s Share Slot Machine Finally Pays Out $2.4 million

lion's share jackpot 130x90
One of Las Vegas’s most famous slots finally paid out its mammoth jackpot, after being in play for over 20 years. (more…) [...]
Anything else would go against the general idea here: The more people play a single progressive game, the more attractive it gets to others. This section's where we introduce and review the best.

Although popular, a progressive jackpot is still as hard to win as any slot. Usually, the only combination that triggers the jackpot is the one with the highest payoff. The amount of every bet that goes into the jackpot could for example be 1% at a house advantage of 5%. That means that the house (the casino) is happy to contribute a fifth of their profits to the winning sum. They do that because the progressives drive visitor numbers. A fast-growing game that always comes with a nice total win attracts a lot of players.

Another point is that once the progressive is won, a percentage of it stays in the pot and makes the basis of the jackpot of the next round. This is called reseeding. The idea is to make the jackpot immediately attractive to players again and start off the next round as quickly and smoothly as possible. As soon as the popularity of the game grows again, so does the winning sum. One factor drives the other, the jackpot increases until it's won, and the circle begins again.

Progressive jackpots have been around for quite a while now and are still exceedingly popular. Some of the greats include the mentioned Mega Moolah and other similar games, like Mega Fortune, Mega Joker and many others.



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