Mac Casinos

Online casinos are available to desktop and mobile devices these days via both download and no-download methods. However, what about Mac users?

Is there even such thing as a Mac casino?

The answer is an unqualified yes! There are some great Mac casinos out there – 32Red is a good example – so don’t feel left out in the whole PC versus Mac debate, when it comes to online gaming!

Actually, with the smartphone revolution, that old divide is becoming somewhat blurred, which is good because it brings all the different platforms together in terms of what you can and can’t get – no more the days of the Mac online casino being somewhat less well-stocked than its PC opposite number.

This is partly thanks to Apple itself – the late Steve Jobs pushed for HTML5 to be increasingly used for things like video, whereas Flash had previously predominated, which has helped to push the emergence of video slots on the iPhone and iPad which, being Apple products, has in turn fed the improving situations for online casinos for Mac. So everyone’s a winner!

Otherwise the same principles apply to Mac, be it MacBook Pro, Macbook Air and others, as it does for other products. So you can get a Mac casino download if you prefer a download casino, and equally online casino for Mac is available to play in your browser, just as is the case with the iPhone and iPad.

Mac casino games are the same as the versions on other desktops and include all the big video slots as well as table games like Roulette and Baccarat.

Except of course, partisan ACBs (Apple compulsive buyers) will always claim that the online casino Mac experience is superior in all ways to playing on another company’s devices – and who are we to argue with that! Though we suspect winning big on a non-Apple device is not to be sniffed at, maybe victory tastes even sweeter when done via a Mac, iPhone or iPad!!

There are a couple of other things we need to mention…

First, as with all online gaming, it’s worth trying out free Mac casino games before you commit yourself to anything. You can usually play for free money, and if a gambling site limits the extent to which you can do that, well there are other site you can continue practicing with so it’s worth shopping around.

That way you can find out which games suit you and which don’t, as well as trying out any strategies you might have lined up.

Also, it’s worth looking for a Mac casino no deposit bonus if you can. This simply means that you’ll be able to open an account and start playing with the bonus money the site offers, without having to deposit anything at all! There will be wagering requirements, which means you have to ‘play through’ the bonus money a certain number of times (anything from 15–30 times or sometimes more) which you can often do in a surprisingly short amount of time.

And anything you win once you’ve met the wagering requirements will be yours to keep!

Please check our list of accredited casinos, many of which have superb Mac capabilities, and be sure to visit Casino Daily News to keep abreast of developments, bonuses and the like. Happy Mac gaming!