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Most Popular Online Casino Withdrawal Methods

Most Popular Online Casino Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawal methods are an important consideration when selecting a gambling site. Most reputed gaming sites offer multiple options for cashouts, so that players can choose the most convenient method for them. Some of the commonly used online casino withdrawal methods are discussed below.



Almost all gambling sites offer this option. Although it takes longer to receive funds through a check than some of the other methods, it is a safe and straightforward method of drawing money. When drawing your wins through this method, you need to ensure that the check is made out in your native currency. If it is made our in a foreign currency, you are likely to be charged a fee for the exchange. Before opting to draw money through check, you should therefore find out whether or not your gaming site can offerit in your native currency.


Bank Transfer:

Direct bank transfer is a traditional method of depositing and withdrawing funds. Being a safe and simple option, it is preferred by many players. The transaction time and bank charges vary. This should be kept in mind when you draw funds through bank transfer. Even if you use a different method for depositing funds, you can draw money through bank transfer.



E-wallet is basically an account with a third party other than the player’s bank. Players can conveniently make deposits and withdrawals through this third party. Although e-wallets may seem like an additional step in the transaction, they offer a number of benefits. Unlike credit cards, you can use the fund in your e-wallet for anything including online gambling without any hassles. Because of the ease of transaction, e-wallets are fast becoming a preferred banking method for online gambling.


Debit Cards:

This is one of the lesser used method of drawing funds. Not all sites offer this option. Moreover, drawing cash through debit card may or may not be possible depending on your card. For instance, players using Visa debit cards may be able to make deposits as well as draw money through it, but MasterCard only allows deposits.


Credit Cards:

Credit cards are rarely used for withdrawing funds from a casino account. Even if you make a deposit using a credit card, you may not be able cash out funds with it. Most casinos do not offer this option. Moreover, most credit cards do not allow this action. Even in rare cases where the option is available and enabled by the card, you will only be able to draw as much money as you deposited through it.


Withdrawing Funds from a gaming site

Cashing out your wins from an online gaming account is usually simple. All you need to do is login to your account and go to the banker or cashier section. Clicking on this button will lead you to a page displaying various withdrawal options offered by the site. Now you just need to choose the most convenient option. You will have to provide information like the amount you wish to cash out, your address and banking details. The wait time will depend on the banking method you choose.

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