Let’s face it, you play slots to win! Sure, it’s a fun experience too, and the technological revolution which has seen slots with animations, multiple screens, amazing soundtracks and effects and so on, but if you’re putting money in, you want to get some out as well at the end of the day…

Fortunately the online gaming revolution has boosted this aspect of gaming too, in the form of online jackpot slots.

How do jackpot slot machines work?

You might think that all slots have a ‘jackpot’ and this is true, if by that you mean a maximum payout when you get a certain combination of symbols.

It’s just that these types of slot machine jackpots needn’t be all that large.

In fact games are often designated ‘high variance’ and ‘low variance’, which is just a posh way of saying that games either don’t pay out very often, but when they do, they tend to pay out large (in the first case) or, conversely, they pay out small amounts frequently, in the second case.

Of course, we’re more interested in the first type, but we can go one better when we play casino jackpot slots.

This is because jackpots don’t necessarily need to be confined to the one game! Or rather, they can be, but when you play jackpot slots online, all the instances of the same game are linked together.

So, however many people are playing a jackpot slot like Hall of Gods, say, they are all playing for a pool of money.

This pool gradually builds up over time, since with each time you spin the reels, a small proportion of your stake contributes to the prize pool, and with many thousands of players using the same jackpot slot machines, this pool can very rapidly grow into something big (we’re talking, millions, in some cases).

The casino publishes what jackpots it is offering and the amounts in each case, which is naturally creeping upwards all the time as players keep spinning the reels, on a display on their site.

In fact, many progressive slots are networked across many different casinos, which is the only way to bring the astronomical potential winnings that they do to your desktop or mobile; if someone strikes it lucky as they occasionally do, with one of the casinos, the entire prize pool goes to that person, and starts again from zero, gradually creeping up as people continue to play.

But are there any free jackpot slots online?

Whilst this may seem something of a contradiction in terms, in some sense there are.

This is because you can play jackpot slots free in 2 ways. First of all, you can try out at a casino, often without even having to register, and play jackpot slot games free just to get some practice. Naturally you wouldn’t win anything if you did happen to strike it lucky (and indeed the games may be geared to avoid such a disappointing event taking place) but it’s a good way to get a feel for a game without losing anything.

The other way of getting free jackpot slots games, at least in some sense, is to open an account at a casino and start playing with the welcome bonus they almost always offer you, or any other bonuses which might be up for grabs, and you can play for ‘free’ using this money.

Naturally if you do strike it lucky you will still have to ‘play through’ your bonus the required number of times, but in all honesty that would probably be the least of your concerns in such a situation!

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