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South Park 101: A Guide to Win Thousands

The dysfunctional South Park gang is on its way to becoming this year’s most awaited game release, with a new game packed with this adult animated comedy’s original cast of characters and their strange behavior (read: disgusting but fun!),going live next 24 September via NetEnt’s major licensees, including ComeOn! and Vera&John.

Here we have decided to make a unique guide for this groundbreaking video slot release by Net Entertainment (think about it, you’ve got only two weeks to get the basics). Check the video slot preview at the bottom of this page.

The game includes 25 paylines, 4 bonus games triggered whenever you collect 3 bonus symbols, and 3 mini features to win thousands of coins per spin.

Cartman’s Bonus: Find Hippies and don’t get caught

You’ll have your own fire extinguisher to use against environmental hippies. Find them in the bushes and avoid getting busted, otherwise you’ll collect your wins and you’ll be back in the normal game.

Hint: some hippies will be hiding in pairs, doubling your prizes up to 4,000 coins per squeeze.

Don’t Kill Kenny!

Avoid getting Kenny killed to win cash prizes on Kenny’s bonus game.

Kenny will appear on the streets of this titular Colorado town, and he’ll be going through a serious of risky situations that will jeopardize your mission, facing crashing airplanes, fast-running cars and deadly flying eagles; but let’s admit it, this bonus is a treat ‘cause it’s so much fun seeing him die multiple times!

Stan’s Bonus: Keep the Puke

Keep the puke coming from Stan’s mouth to win an average of 15,000 coins per spin!

This bonus will feature Stan being terribly in love with Wendy; these two lovebirds will meet in front of the reel, and poor Stan will puke on Wendy’s face each time you have a win combination. So, don’t contain yourself!

Kyle’s Bonus: Kick the baby

Trigger this bonus and kick Kyle’s baby brother.

Match 3 babies on the reels and reap the rewards at Kyle’s bonus game. Each time you kick his baby brother, it’ll land on a hopscotch court filled with the following prices:

  • 3,500 coin prize,
  • 10x multiplier
  • 350 coins,
  • 2x multiplier, and
  • 3 free spins

Mini Features

Beefcake: a fat Cartman will pop out of the reels bulking up drinking protein shakes and delivering up to 10 wild symbols in a single spin.

Terrance & Phillip: This nasty couple will give away sets of 3 wilds for better win combinations while farting on the reels!

Mr. Hankey: Our legendary brown friend will jump onto the screen, and each time he falls on a symbol it’ll turn wild.

Keep in mind there are a couple of sites delivering a bunch of free spins on this game, if you still doubt about it then check out ComeOn!’s 100 Free Spins Offer for this game, and we’re expecting a new assortment of gifts from many online casinos preparing for this game release.

100 free spins for South Park at ComeOn!    


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