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History of Poker

It is a card game widely played at online and land-based casinos. Although the game is only two centuries old, numerous variants have been developed since then. It can be played in various formats and structures too, increasing the options players have, for enjoying the game.


Origin – 19th Century Card Game in France

The game has its roots in a French card game known as Bouillotte played in the 19th century. The name is derived from poque, which is a French word coined from pochen which means ‘to knock’ in German. It also has similarities to As-Nas which is a Persian game. Frenchmen may have learned the game from the sailors of Persia.


It was in New Orleans, previously a territory of France which became a part of the US in early 19th century that the first game of Poker was played. As the game became a huge hit with the people in New Orleans, it was played extensively on boats and gambling clubs. The original game was played differently than the modern version and used a deck of 20 cards.


Mid 19th Century – Introduction of 52 Card Deck

As the game became a favorite, a deck of 52 cards was used in the game so that more than 4 players could participate. The introduction of the new deck also saw the addition of the flush feature. For the first time, a number of players could enjoy it at the same time and use the new feature to improve weak hands.


Late 19th Century – Variations Invented

The game was reformed and changed rapidly during the Civil War. As a result, several variations were invented. The cowboys from Illinois, Ohio and Indiana created Stud Poker. By the end of the 19th century and beginning of 20th century, variants such as Texas Hold’em, Lowball, High-Low, Jackpots and Draw were invented.


20th Century – game Series Popularize the Game

US soldiers took the game to countries in Asia where it was well-received. When Nevada legalized gambling, it quickly became one of the favorite games among gamblers. It is often credited with the development of commercial gambling. In the 20th century, the game was also being played at homes and social gatherings. The game was featured in films which added to its growing popularity.


The game had numerous loyal followers and tournaments were held. The first World Series of Poker (WSOP) took place in 1970 and it became an instant hit with the public. By mid 1970s, the game was so widely played that strategy guides were published. In 1980, a decade after the first WSOP tournament, the growing interest in the game led to the tournament being televised and shown to people across the US.


Online version

Today, most of the sites offer several variants of the game. Players can enjoy online Poker at their convenience through personal computers. Players can choose from several variants of the game. A number of sites offer high-stakes tournaments to players, so they can get the chance to win big.

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