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Questions for Super Lenny - An Interview with the Man Himself!

Questions for Super Lenny – An Interview with the Man Himself!

SuperLenny is one hot new online casino which has just gone live. We’ve taken a look at it and can safely say it’ll be making waves in the business right away, with a huge selection of slots, table games, video poker as well as a separate sportsbook site.

We couldn’t let this new arrival pass without getting them on the record – who or what is SuperLenny? What does the new brand offer that sets it apart from the rest? How does the new casino see the industry, what needs changing and what future developments might be on the horizon?

Read on to find out!

 Tell us exactly who this Lenny is and what makes him so super?

Lenny is a legend …every time something major happens in the world of gaming and sports, Lenny will always be the first to know – because he is the one who’s always there behind the scenes, pulling the strings!

After all, who do you think it was who gave legendary ‘70s Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg his pep talks before walking onto the famed grass at Wimbledon?!?

Ok, so you’re saying he’s a match fixer?!?

No that’s not what we meant at all! Think of him more like the spirit of fair play, a kind of Robin Hood, or Herne the Hunter (who he resembles somewhat) of our time, always ensuring not only fair play but also edge-of-the-seat excitement too, so he’s a busy Lenny!

Er, ok – that’s very interesting…but what kind of previous casino industry experience does Super Lenny have?

Lenny has more experience than almost everyone else in the game; he has homes in Monaco, Vegas, Macau, Atlantic City – all the gaming hotspots, and he’s seen it all down the years.

Nonetheless he has had the good sense to surround himself with a team which itself boasts vast experience from the casino and sports betting industry, and who all share Lenny’s philosophy that every person is entitled to enjoy the good things in life.


We randomly polled 15 people in our office with the question ‘When I say Lenny, who or what do you think of?’


What do you think was the most popular answer (I’ll give you a clue it wasn’t Super Lenny), and how long will it take until people will indeed start answering the same question with Super Lenny?

In all honesty, Lenny had up until now chosen to in fact stay out of the spotlight – as we said in the beginning of the interview he was always working behind the scenes like a benevolent Godfather-figure, so he rather modestly assumes that people will most probably think of Lenny Kravitz, or possibly even the comics Lenny Bruce and Lenny Henry.

However, we’re confident that a few months from now, Google “Lenny” and all will have changed - your screen will be decorated with images of a Stag in a dashing tuxedo in fact!

So why the change of heart? Why stay incognito for so long only to launch forth in a blaze of publicity?

To everything there is a season as the good book says – Lenny was simply biding his time and making sure everything was just as it should be in the market.

If he’d revealed himself too early it might have scared people off and made things less interesting for those who remained – this way everyone’s a winner!

 What’s the best way to get the brand noticed in the already-overcrowded online casino market?

Well the best way is to stand out from the crowd - this doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel, but it certainly does mean improving the existing wheel(s)!

With Super Lenny it’s all about the player’s experience - everything is built with the focus of offering a more personal experience than the market currently offers - you hang with Lenny and you are guaranteed a great ride!

Every player has his or her specific needs and preferences, and at Super Lenny the goal is to ensure ALL of these are met, be it elderly lady player, newbie youngster (but above 18 of course) or seasoned veteran…

 You have chosen to offer sports betting and live dealer casino side-by-side with a regular online casino, but do you do so to offer the same players more choice, or simply to attract more players with different interests and playing styles?

Actually it’s a little bit of both.

A substantial chunk of players prefer betting on sporting and other rather than at a casino, and in this case in particular people love to brag about how much they bet and on what, and more to the point how much they won, so and we want to provide a simple fun environment for them.

At the same time, many regular casino players also want to be able to bet on their favourite sports events every now and then, so surely it makes sense to keep all under the one roof?

As we mentioned before, it’s all about what will make it as easy and awesome for the player as possible that matters to us.

From the perspective of a casino, a customer must surely seem primarily a collection of stats - so what kind of stats do you look at, and how does that help you improve your service?

There are a million different things to look at when it comes to improving the service for players, and it is in this area of activity that we see there is an opening for someone to do it better than the existing brands out there.

Lenny has learnt down the years that you can learn a lot about a player if you just invest the time to get the measure of them…

Are they a sports better or a casino player? What games do they prefer? Would they rather have a nice bonus or the chance to go and watch their team play the world cup? We try to answer all these questions by looking at the player’s activity with us, and then we make sure we use that information to offer them what they want most from us.

What software provider are you using and why?

Lenny in his infinite wisdom decided it would be a better bet to offer software from all of the major casino software providers, including NetEnt, Microgaming, NYX, Play n Go and others.

We strive to keep as broad a portfolio as possible, just to make sure we have something for everyone, be it a punter looking for a big jackpot or someone who simply wants to play a few hands of Blackjack.

Players of various online games usually form active communities and exchange ideas and thoughts in forums and on message boards; but for some reason we rarely see this with online casinos, why is that?

A lot of this comes down to utility for players.

Much of the allure of these type of forums in the casino world lies in the chance to compare different experiences with all the various casinos.

For this to have any value for players, the forum needs to be completely impartial and unbiased, and so it is more natural that this type of forum be hosted and run by an independent party.

We do think this is a crucial part of the gaming ecosystem, which truly enhances the safety and experience for all casino players out there.

Not only that, but you will also find Lenny ramping up his twitter presence-he’s very social media-savvy and is also anxious to share his knowledge and experience with everybody!

Your ideas on the controversial and somewhat unpredictable Bitcoin – what are the chances Super Lenny will allow payments and withdrawals in this or any other form of digital currency?

Bitcoin has it perks and pitfalls for sure. It is a great and cheap way to do online transactions.

But from a casino and sportsbook point of view, we always have to be uncompromising when it comes to safety and stability with the payment options we offer.

The volatility is of course one issue, but the surrounding legal landscape is not completely clear either.

So we aren’t saying never, but there are still more hurdles to cross before we could start talking about Bitcoin as a payment method.

In fact, the type of payments and currencies we are allowed to work with is regulated within our license, and it is not clear how every given digital currency is or will be viewed by the licensing entity.

Besides, Lenny lost a bag of Bitcoins in a poker game last year, so we try not to discuss it in his presence!

Do you see any new technological solutions making their way onto the online casinos any time soon (3D glasses for games, Google glass or similarly-augmented reality devices, sports betting on video games or anything else interesting that could be implemented and used by casinos)?

For sure things will happen in the future. There are already slots where you can use 3D glasses, and I think we will see much more of evolvement of the traditional casino games.

When it comes to sports betting there will for sure be a lot of new options for players to bet, and especially with the rise of the e-gaming world.

And finally, do you think online gambling market (casinos, betting, Poker and others) is sufficiently well-regulated globally?

Do we need more regulation to unify the global market, or is the current state of things (where for instance the US market has been fragmented, with different states setting their own rules, some EU countries are fine with casinos, others impose complicated rules or exclude local players from playing with those overseas etc.) fine as it is?

The online casino industry is still a relatively young industry – to Lenny it seems like only last week that the very first, tentative sites were appearing in the middle-‘90s, and it is still finding its feet in most jurisdictions.

The problem up to now has been that many of the markets that have regulated have quite figured out an optimum way forward, where many of the regulatory entities lack enough insight in the industry to make educated decisions.

Either they regulate too hard so it is almost impossible for the casinos to run their operations, or the regulations is to week so it doesn’t really have any effect. To have as unison regulations as possible across markets would probably be the best way forward and would ultimately lead to the best experience for the players.

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