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Tips on playing online Roulette

Players opt for roulette at gaming sites as the game does not require complicated strategies and is based on luck. Most sites offer variations of the online version, the common ones being American and European variants. The spinning of the wheel and its subsequent result is decided by a software feature known as the Random Number Generator. It ensures that online version of the game is fair and the results are random.


Today some gambling sites offer live dealer games which provides players the exciting gambling environment of a land-based gambling center. Although the table game is luck-based, there are several factors that players should consider while playing the game at gambling sites. The following are tips on playing the game online:


Place consistent bets

Consistent bets should be placed while playing the online version of the game. Before each spin of the wheel, the odds are reset. The odds of winning will decrease if you place bets of varying amount during the game. This can also lead to a significant loss of money from your bankroll in case you don’t win the bets.


Manage time and funds

Develop a wagering schedule before playing the online version of the game. Setting time limits will help you ensure that you spend only a period of time on the game.


Use good bankroll management strategies while playing the online version of the game. Allocate a budget for each day’s play and stick to it. By doing so, players can place wagers on online roulette games accordingly. A good money management tip for players is to increase the wagers when you start winning and decrease them when you lose. A good bankroll management system will enable you to increase your time of play.


Opt for European roulette

Choose a European variant of the game as the odds of winning are better in this variant than the American version as the former has a number less than the latter on the wheel. American variant has a house edge of almost 5.3% whereas European variant has less than 3%. Most players go for the European version due to this difference.


Wager money on even bets

Online players should remember to place real money wagers on even bets. High/low and red/black are some of the even bets in online roulette. As straight bets offer odds of 35/1, the probability of winning one is very low. Wagering on straight bets may lead to a loss of large amounts of money. In the long run, the chances of winning and losing online are the same, at 50:50.


Practice on free games

Before placing real money wagers, players are advised to try out free games of online roulette at gaming sites. New players can use these games to become familiar with the rules and format of the game without risking any money. You can play real money variant of the game once you feel confident with your skills at the games.

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