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NFL finally kicks off

NFL finally kicks off

American football is my favorite sport to watch. The National Football League (NFL) is the premier tournament for an action-packed sport filled with complex tactics and strategies that I find very entertaining.

And I’m not the only one. Interest all over the world is growing, and it is only a matter of time until the league expands with a team in Canada, most likely in Toronto, and one team based in England - in London, naturally.

Toronto and London already host matches. On September 28th, the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders meet at Wembley in London, in case someone feels like going. I have a clear idea how the match will go, but I will of course check the previous rounds before my possible bet.

NFL is the ultimate TV sport, with intense moments and a lot of toilet breaks. But above all, it is a really fun sport to bet on.

I am a bit spoiled when it comes to games, and I have trouble enjoying sport without spicing it up with a bet. But on the other hand, I win, so why not?

I have been betting on sports for many years. I have even been a bookmaker in the past, so I know what is needed to win.

It is not easy, but it is possible. You have to have the theoretical knowledge; you have to keep yourself up to date; and you have to have discipline. Or, you can follow me if you want to win.

The margins are small, so don’t play for more than you can afford to lose. Never forget that even though the game might be in your favor, you are not guaranteed to win.

For me, the NFL season started back in February. I have been carefully tracking free agents and which teams have been trading which players. I have been following the drafts, where teams choose new players fresh out of college. And I have kept an eye on the pre-season games and checked the shape of the teams.

Now I’m ready to gather in the harvest, for the fourth year in a row.

However, keep in mind that a win rate of 55% is really good, and a return of 10% even better, before you go all in with my tips.

Seattle Seahawks – Green Bay Packers

The Seahawks won the Super Bowl last season. I can imagine that the reigning champions will have a hard time recharging in the first game of the season while the opposing team will undoubtedly have no lack of motivation.

The Seahawks have lost a couple of key players and I don’t think they are as good as last year, even though they are favorites in any case and still have the best defense in the league.

The winners from 3 years ago, the Green Bay Packers, have had big problems with injuries for several years. That means they’re showing up on everyone’s radar now that they injury-free. With the league’s best QB Aaron Rodgers, and perhaps the league’s best offensive, they always have the chance.

I have bet the Packers +4.5 to 2.12. This means that I get 4.5 points in handicap and I have played the odds 2.12.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Carolina Panthers

The Panthers had an easy schedule last season. Now they have problems with injuries and have also lost important players. I think they will have a hard time the whole year. They did not impress during the preseason warm-ups.

The Buccs have been looking good during the preseason. Their defense looks especially fierce this year. They have a much-underrated QB in Josh McCown, who looked very good with the Chicago Bears last year when given the chance.

I have played the Buccaneers to 1.95 with a double bet and I think the game will already have been decided by the end of the first half.

Kansas City Chiefs – Tennessee Titans

The Chiefs surprised many last year with a new kind of offensive and a good defense. But their result was also the luck of the draw. As the icing on the cake, they were also lucky in some evenly matched games. This year, they can’t surprise anyone and will have it tougher.

The Titans didn’t make anyone happy last year, but their QB Jake Locker is clearly better than people think. Problems with injuries have stopped him from showing his real potential, but he is now injury-free. The Titans have been looking good in the preseason and I think they will provide us with a pleasant surprise this year.

I have played Titans +4.5 to 1.98.

Here are some more bets I have made:

St. Louis Rams -4 ’till oddset 2,00.

Cleveland Browns +6,5 ’till oddset 2,00.

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