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Here at Casino Daily News we are interested in bringing you the best of the online gambling world and all it offers.

This naturally means all the goodies that casinos offer, in addition to the news about great (and not so great!) games, new gambling sites, big wins and legal developments in the gaming world, need to be explained and flagged up.

Central to this is the welcome offer, but did you know there is another type of bonus, called an online casino reload bonus.

Mo’ Mondays, Mo’ Money

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Get your Special More Money Monday Reload Bonus at Guts

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Win a Tesla from the Auto Club at Buck and Butler!

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Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has taken the motoring world by storm. And to share his innovation with the world, one lucky player can win a Tesla Model [...]

Two Big Bonuses at Thrills this Weekend

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Celebrate US Independence Day at Thrills with 10 Free Spins!

Thrills Day 8 Promo 130x90
We’re on Day 8 of Thrills’s 50 Days of Summer Promotion, and luckily, it coincides with the 4th of July, or America’s Independence Day! (more…) [...]

Casino Sign Up Bonuses

With such a growing and vibrant selection of casinos available online, players are more spoilt for choice than ever before and casinos have to catch up and compete for the players by offering the best casino sign up bonuses. Although, it isn’t always the most important factor for players when choosing what casino they will belong to and register at.
Even though a good casino sign up bonus is the most common denominator among players when choosing casinos; things like layout, design, user-optimisation and even customer care are all important aspects which a casino must take into consideration when creating a new brand or when expanding into a new market. As with most things in life, competition breeds variety and choice. In some areas it’s a bad thing, in others it’s a very good thing and gives the player the most choice and money to play for, particularly when picking casino sign up bonuses.
And choice and endless pockets of money are especially attractive when deciding what casino sign up bonuses to take advantage of. Casinos are known to implement different strategies to stand out among the typically quite abundant selection of sign up bonuses at casinos.

Casino Sign Up Bonus No Deposit

Some players like to carefully review many different casinos before selecting the one they find to best suit their needs. This is where Casino sign up bonus with no deposit required come in, which basically is exactly what the name describes. A so called casino sign up bonus no deposit required is a casino sign up bonus where the player gets rewarded simply for registering at the casino. It should be considered as more or less a trial of that particular casino and its features. A casino sign up bonus no deposit will never quite be as attractive as deposit bonuses, the amount spendable on slots will usually be predetermined and nowhere near the amount a regular deposit bonus would reward you with.
Simply said, if you are on the fence about a casino and would like to try it before you buy it, review their promotions page and look for any casino sign up bonus no deposit required available.

Sign up Bonus Casino

Typically, a sign up bonus casino will involve one or more deposit bonuses in combination with each other or sometimes even including some free spins. The way that works usually varies from casino to casino, some will require casino bonus codes and others will not need any action. However, we will cover sign up bonus casino’s that require bonus codes another time as this is even less likely with each year that passes.
A sign up bonus at casinos will let you double, triple or even quadruple your initial deposit. With a different percentage rate on each bonus it is usually fairly clear after quickly reviewing a casinos promotion page what their bonuses will entail. Just read the sign up bonus casino page and you will see exactly what is what, you will definitely want to review the casinos wagering requirements as these will determine how many times you will have to have played through the money before being allowed to make a deposit.

No Bonus Casino

For some players a no bonus casino is preferred, as some people enter with a confident strategy and feel that wager requirements would contradict said strategy. In general this is not as beneficial as taking advantage of a sign up casino bonus, but some players still prefer it and strategically want no bonus casinos to play at.
As a new player or if you have any sense, you will most likely want to skip the no bonus casinos and go with a sign up bonus casino with as low a wagering requirement as possible. As the standard for casino sign up bonuses is above 100% you will usually be getting the better end of the deal regardless if you have to wager through the funds before making a withdrawal.

What is a casino reload bonus?

Self-explanatory really, but online casinos want to keep their players happy, especially the regulars, so they came up with the casino online reload bonus.

When you make a deposit or ‘reload’ your account, you will sometimes receive a bonus as a way of thanks.

And why not – you have taken the trouble to deposit some money with them, why shouldn’t they say ‘thank you’, not only one your first deposit, but also subsequent ones.

A cynic might say, well surely this reload bonus is just a way of keeping people interested a bit longer, having reeled them in via the initial welcome bonus.

That’s a valid point, but at the same time, even if that were true, how is it any different from any other promotion, loyalty program or other perk which any other business might offer at any time.

Furthermore, you also have a chance of turning your reload bonus into something special in the form of winnings – as a way of silencing those cynics!

Granted, even the best reload bonuses come with some strings attached – there will be wagering requirements attached, meaning you have to ‘play through’ the bonus a set number of times (say x20) before you can claim any winnings.

But anything over and above that is yours to keep!

The casino reload bonus online will vary from site to site and from offer to offer, of course.

Some reload promotions are just a 2nd or 3rd (or sometimes up to 5th) deposit bonus, which follow on naturally from the casino’s welcome package and which will often be to a lower percentage (say 50%) but for often a higher amount, than is the case with the welcome offer.

On the other hand casino’s might offer reload bonuses at regular intervals or for a longer period of time, so you need to think carefully about how to play it – promotions that take place on a weekly (or even daily) basis which require a maximum deposit might be worth making just the maximum deposit each day, or week, and not more, so you make full use of the the offer.

Similarly, a reload promotion which happens every month might necessitate you making the maximum deposit in one go to claim the full amount of extra money, instead of smaller amounts multiple times.

In fact this is the beauty of reload bonuses; whilst they often aren’t as impressive or seemingly generous as the welcome offers can be, since they occur regularly and often require smaller deposits, you can take a more softly-softly approach, using the reloads to their maximum effect and bringing a steady if unspectacular flow of winnings instead of fireworks for a short time.

The best online casino reload bonuses will be properly explained either by the promotion itself or in the reload bonus terms and conditions. Or put it another way, if they aren’t, it’s a good sign that you ought to be shopping around for a better option.

How do you claim an online casino reload bonus?

Same way as for the welcome package really, click on the relevant tab, button etc. to claim the bonus, and it should go into your account.

One thing worth noting is that sometimes reload offers are either game-specific (eg. if there is a new slot which the casinos are promoting heavily) or payment method-specific (since some payment methods suite online casinos more than others, they often try to encourage their use in this way) so always read the small print.

Keep checking back here for all news and updates on reload bonuses and much more, or sign up to our email alert to get the news straight to your inbox!



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