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The Top 5 Gaming Movies of Them All

The Top 5 Gaming Movies of Them All

We love gaming – writing about it, reading about it, bringing you all the best developments and actually doing it as well (in moderation, naturally).

We’re not alone either – filmmakers (and not just Hollywood, either) seem to have been fascinated by gambling down the years, and a very good thing too, as that has led to some fantastic movies which continue to keep us entertained and perhaps even give us a few great tips on how to do it (and not to do it!).

There isn’t going to be space here to do more than scratch the surface, so we have to offer up our apologies in advance, and note that, whilst Casino Royale, The Cooler, The Hustler, The Color of Money, Ocean’s Eleven, Croupier and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are all simply cracking movies, they don’t quite conjure up the spirit of what gaming means to the gamer, and as such are just as meaningful to the non-gamer.

So here they are, our top 5 gaming movies of all time (at least thus far!) in no particular order:

  1. Casino (1995)
    Not only does the title pretty clear, but it’s directed by Scorcese and stars De Niro and Joe Pesci! It’s actually a film about the workings of a slightly iffy casino in Vegas – imagine if the scenes where Fredo is running a gaming house for Moe Green in The Godfather are extended to a full 3 hours, and you’re only halfway to the gripping experience that is Casino. Plus Sharon Stone’s in it…
  2. Rounders (1998)
    Not about the English equivalent of little league baseball, this is another film from the underworld-obsessed ‘90s, this is a kind of you-can-quit-gaming-but-it-never-quite-leaves-you flick, starring Edward Norton and Matt Damon. The latter is a reformed gamer who returns to the Poker tables to help a friend in financial difficulty. With some interesting focus on the details of Texas Hold ‘em, it has achieved cult status and looks set to remain in the gaming movie consciousness for years to come.
  3. The Cincinnati Kid (1965)
    Er, it’s directed by Norman Jewison and features Steve McQueen as a card shark…
    If that’s not enough for you, it has one of the most dramatic climaxes to any gaming-related movie we can think of, as the cards are dealt out one by one…
  4. Bob le Flambeur (1956)
    Who said great movies all have to be made in Hollywood and in English? The oldest movie on our list is a French film, so you kind of know the type of experience you are going to be in for, but don’t be put off. Bob is a hapless, somewhat loveable rogue who plots to rob a casino and it, well, backfires, so there’s a moral in the story although it finishes somewhat ambiguously…
  5. Leaving Las Vegas (1997)
    Nicolas Cage at his enigmatic best in this somewhat artsy (by Hollywood standards) movie, which presents the city of sin as it really is, a place of despair which can almost instantaneously transform to rapture! A thoroughly human movie, because, well, gamers are human too!

That’s it – we hope you enjoyed our little cross section of gaming movies! And if you have any more suggestions, reviews or feedback, why not leave us a comment below!

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