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Of all the gambling games out there, card games are perhaps the varieties which spring to mind most easily, to the majority of people’s minds.

Card games are amongst the oldest type of game around.

All of us, even if we aren’t gamblers, have played a card game at some point in our lives.

It might be a simple form of snap, using picture cards, as a small child, or maybe those kind of matching games where you had to get two halves of the one picture.

Or what about patience, quite a popular game which was bundled with the very earliest versions of the Windows operating system (where it was called ‘Solitaire’) and became the pastime of choice for retiree, business traveler and office time waster alike.

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As we get older, we might want to progress to more complex games like Whist, Pontoon and 3-card brag, all of them related to Blackjack or Poker, and once we’re 18 we can actually play for real money!

Alternatively we might prefer the more intellectual and rarefied air of Bridge – in any case the point is card games are here to stay and have variants to suit all tastes and ages.

Some people may have feared that the internet revolution was going to spell the end of card games, providing as it does a more immediate source of entertainment more in tune with our 3 minute culture – but in fact nothing could have been further from the truth!

As noted, people were playing the simple games which came bundled with their operating system from the early days of personal computing (which doesn’t require a hook up to the internet and so predates the information revolution of course) and in due course a new phenomenon emerged – the online casino card game.

Naturally the big advantage of casino card games online as against the physical game is that you don’t need to have a quality pack (which can get greasy, scored, or damaged in some way as to make them unusable for gaming – even the smallest of nicks renders a deck ‘marked’).

You also needn’t worry about finding partners with online casino card games

Those games which are multiplayer, like most variants of Poker, have rooms for playing with others globally (and you can access their playing form to get an idea of who you’re playing against).

Online Poker is beyond the scope of this piece, but any casino card games list will almost always include the following: Blackjack, in a variety of versions including multi-deck and single-deck, Baccarat, and usually various forms of Poker against the house including the many types of Video Poker, Texas Hold ‘em and Oasis.

In these cases, you don’t need to worry about having partners to play with, and they are usually simulated games (ie. graphical representations of a casino).

If, on the other hand, you prefer to play face to face with a real human being, you can do that at a lot of sites too – Live Casinos provide a live video linkup to a dealer so you can get the closest thing to the genuine experience without having to leave the house (or wherever you are!).

Actually some of the best casino card games are less well known types like Red Dog Progressive and Pontoon; don’t worry if you don’t know the rules – there is plenty of information on how to play casino card games and you can play for free in most cases, while you get the hang of it.

When playing free casino card games, don’t forget of course that any ‘wins’ you accrue won’t payout in reality, but they’re a great way (in fact we would argue, a necessary prerequisite) to practice.

We also provide some casino card game rules on our site, so be sure to explore our site too.

In fact, be sure to check back regularly with us at Casino Daily News for all the best news on slots, new reviews, hints and tips on playing a casino card game online , information on payment providers, and much more!



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