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You may have noticed that a big component of the online gaming world is that of the online slots, and we have to admit they are very much the bread and butter of our trade.

On the other hand, when you say the word ‘casino’, it may conjure up images of Bond, businessmen in sharp suits of flamboyantly-dressed shady characters with their requisite floozies on their arms, bent over the Roulette, Baccarat or Craps tables, intent on placing their bets…

…whilst of course this is a stereotype, like all good stereotypes, there are some truths contained!

LeoVegas Rolls Out New Live Games

Leo_Vegas_Live_Games 130x90
Evolution Gaming, famous for their live casino game development and customer support across multiple platforms, have inked a deal with LeoVegas, who are to roll out Evolution’s live gaming content [...]

Playtech launches Marvel Roulette

Playtech is taking the table games by storm and launching a new Marvel Roulette game inspired by Marvel characters such as: Spider (more…) [...]

European Roulette Gold by Microgaming

European-Roulette-Gold-by-Microgaming- 130x90
Microgaming is undisputedly confirming their reign as leaders in the gaming industry, now once more taking a step further by launching (more…) [...]

New 2013 poker freerolls from Betsson

The month of January will be exciting for all Betsson Poker players thanks to the €50,000 Freeroll Frenzy promotion. (more…) [...]

Cubeia supporting vsJack

cubeia- 130x90
The Swedish software developer, Cubeia, provided the world’s only player-versus-player online blackjack platform for vsJack (more…) [...]

Classic casino games at Euroslots

Euroslots_Classic_Games 130x90
Although the name might suggest that the site only offers slots, there are actually many popular classic casino games on offer (more…) [...]

French MPs caught playing poker at work

We have all seen funny videos on the internet with members of various parliaments either caught sleeping, reading newspapers (more…) [...]

William Hill Poker offers new casino side games

The online casino room William Hill Poker just added over 50 brand new casino side games for the poker lovers. (more…) [...]

New Zoom Roulette at 7Red

zoom_roulette-e 130x90
The atmosphere of this new roulette table is intense, with the piano in the background trying to relax the mood a bit, as all is set for a fun (more…) [...]

Basic Poker Strategies

To improve your chances of winning in poker, you should use strategies. In case you are new to the game, there are a few basic strategies you can adopt. The [...]
Yes, Bond liked to play Baccarat (and in reality, his creator Ian Fleming was a fanatical Baccarat player) and, yes, some shady characters like to frequent casinos (Lord Lucan was also a fan of Baccarat) but in today’s world, this isn’t really the case.

And going back to the seeming dominance of slots mentioned at the beginning, this does nothing to get away from the fact that all worthwhile and reputable gaming sites host many table games (to give Baccarat, Roulette, all the various forms of Poker, Blackjack and others their correct name).

Casino table games online follow the same principles as their bricks and mortar equivalent; in other words playing Roulette online is no different from playing in ‘real life’ – the casino table game odds are generally the same when playing online as offline.

With some qualifications, however…physical Roulette wheels, for instance, can be defective and not spin true (this is unusual, but there was a famous case surrounding this very occurrence in fact). And on the players’ side, borderline activities like ‘card counting’ in Blackjack, whilst they may get you barred from a walk-in gaming hall, will not have any effect in the internet version of the game.

This is because online casino table games are programmed, rather than using physical items, and have no scope for human error either, so you can be assured the odds always remain the same.

One other factor in gaming websites’ favour is that they cut out the need, not only to transport yourself to the location physically but they also have no intimidating seasoned players or pit staff, which can be offputting to the newcomer.

More than that, you can play at your own pace, and any site worth its salt will publish info on casino table games rules, which you can consult at any time whilst you’re playing.

That being said, if you want to recreate the genuine experience, you can always go for the Live Dealer option which some of the best casino table games appear in.

In these cases, you play via a live video link and a real-life human being will act as dealer for you – naturally in this case they will be using real life equipment, cards, Roulette wheels and the like as well, so this is a hugely popular option on the casino table games list of many reputable sites.

On other advantage of playing via your internet linkup, mobile etc. is that you can often play for free – try doing that at a walk-in casino!

Free casino table games work along the same principles as playing for real, only you are gaming for ‘play’ money (so don’t forget any wins you may accrue will unfortunately not count!).

Some sites might limit the length of time you can play for free, but another way to play almost for free is to take advantage of the Welcome Bonus money that casinos often offer (though always read the small-print, such money has ‘playthrough’ terms attached which you must meet before you can make a withdrawal, which often means you have to play some of the free money on the slots as well as table games).

And finally, many gaming websites will have information on how to play casino table games online, with plenty of hints and tips for maximizing your gaming experience (and bankroll) so definitely look around for those.

In summing up, whilst it’s hard to say exactly which is the best casino table game – they’re all good, and sometimes some of the less high profile titles like Red Dog Progressive can yield a surprisingly rewarding gaming experience, the beauty of online gaming is you can ‘try before you buy’ to find a game which suits your preferences, bankroll and so on!



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