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Roulette is one of the real bread-and-butter games of the online casino industry, being one of the oldest games around.

After all, what does Bond play whenever he’s at the Casino Royale in Monte Carlo, Vegas or Macau?...

…Ok, Baccarat actually, but anyway he wouldn’t look out of place next to the Roulette table, that’s the point – or, turning things on their heads a bit, a casino without this iconic game is hardly going to be worthy of the name!

Understanding Roulette Odds

Understanding roulette odds can help you decide which bets to place when you play it. In roulette, the wagers you make have a huge impact on the likelihood of you [...]

History of Roulette

Roulette_History 130x90
It is a widely-played table game named after the French word for a little wheel. Today, most land-based betting houses feature two types of roulette games – American and European. [...]

Roulette Rules

roulette_rules 130x90
Roulette rules require players to place wagers against the house. In it, a croupier, also known as the dealer, will spin a wheel which has compartments, or pockets, of two [...]

How to play Roulette online?

Ok we get it, Roulette is central to gaming, but what about the online version? How does the Roulette wheel even ‘work’ online.

Without going into detail, instead of having a physical wheel (which can be subject to imperfections) the online game uses programming which ensures that it’s always a game of equal chance as to what number comes up, without any mechanical errors (or for that matter human error) to hamper your gaming experience.

In short, all you need to do to start playing casino Roulette is to open an account with an online casino, make a deposit, and start playing – you’ll be able to find the online roulette table easily enough; in fact, this game is usually available in several different forms including European, French and American versions, high roller variants, live dealer, multi-wheel and others.

As we’ll note below it’s also worth finding a free roulette game online if you’re new to it.

How to win Roulette?

Ok, ok this subtitle is a bit of a misnomer, in that we aren’t so foolish or crass as to advance some kind of Roulette system.

That being said, there are various Roulette strategies which you can use to your advantage.

They’re too numerous to list in this short intro, but they tend to involve covering your bases; for instance betting equal amounts on a selection of low numbers, say 1-9, and the equivalent total of that on the 19-36 square on the outside.

One advantage of this online Roulette strategy is that you tend to make steady wins, if unspectacular ones.

In fact this is perhaps the best way to play Roulette, or one of the best ways, and in particular with regard to the online version versus the walk-in casino.

Why? Because in some jurisdictions or in some individual casinos, limits are placed on how much you can bet, particularly on outside bets, which make the strategy like the one outlined above, or similar strategies impossible to use.

Also, online casinos will often give you a wide range of choice of Roulette games as noted above; not only different stake levels including high roller versions, but the most promising version, French, is usually available.

Or put it another way, if a casino doesn’t offer French Roulette, shop around for another site if it is your game of choice.

Furthermore, online casinos will usually publish Roulette rules clearly on their site which you can access at any time, without the pressure and intimidation that can characterize a walk-in, bricks and mortar casino, and you can take as much time as you want perusing them.

So the best Roulette strategy of all is to play it safe, on the French version ideally, and build up a steady bankroll rather than go in and throw it all away straight off.

That brings us to our final point – it’s worth trying to play Roulette for free before you commit to anything. There are plenty of free versions of the game out there, plus you can usually play with your online casino’s free online Roulette game to try before you buy.

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