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There are so many slots out there that sometimes it is difficult to know where to start.

The gaming revolution has meant that new games get launched pretty much every week, free-to-play (F2P) and paid, downloadable apps to your phone, games for your desktop etc., and whilst most barely make a ripple, occasionally a new game is accompanied by a great deal of fanfare and publicity from the developers and casinos, which can make you think that this is all there is available to play.

Some of these new games aren’t to everyone’s tastes and yet others still want to play, particularly those who want to reminisce about a misspent youth or be nostalgic for the classic slots casino of yesteryear.

Are there any classic slot machines available online?

Fortunately the online community hasn’t left you out, and you can play casino classic slots online as easily as the flashier, themed video slots which are all over the place.

Classic slot machines online are really a marrying-up of the old, stand-up ‘one armed bandits’ (US), ‘fruit machines’ (UK), ‘pokies’ (Australia) or simply slots, with the new technology, to give you a gaming experience which is both classic and contemporary at the same time.

You know the type of thing – lots of flashing lights and bells and whistles, 5 standard reels (or even the more old-fashioned 3-reels) symbols such as plums, oranges, grapes, the number 7, the liberty bell, horseshoes etc., no bonus screens, spreading wilds, multipliers, stack symbols etc.

Just plain, no-nonsense casino classic slot games, and you can get them all with the online casinos we list here.

Of course there are some differences – you don’t physically put coins into the slot, nor do coins come crashing out when you make a big win – but that’s actually convenient when you think about it!

Remember the inconvenience in the old days, of having to have lots of coins in your pocket, and of having to lug a whole load with you when you won big (though that admittedly was an inconvenience you could live with!).

The best classic casino slots online do away with all of that, with your wins, whilst still being displayed as ‘coins’, going into your electronic account rather than your pocket.

It’s also good for the casinos as well, as it avoids the security issues of having large machines which were subject to attempted theft, or at least damage to the machines.

Yet another advantage when you play free classic slots is that the machine is always ‘free’ (in the sense of available) so no worries about overcrowded casinos and having to wait around for a machine to become vacant – plus of course no laws about closing and opening times; you can game at any time of the night or day!

That brings us to the final point, free classic slot machine games, this time in the sense of them not costing any money.

What about free classic slots?

Free classic casino slots can be divided into 2 subgroups – those games which are F2P always, and which are merely a type of diversion, and a fun one, but not one which can net you any money, obviously.

The second category is the existing slots on one of the online casinos, which you can play for ‘free’ either by using play money if the casino allows it, or using your welcome or other bonuses to play. Of course in the latter case you will need to playthrough the wagering requirements the required number of times before you can claim any winnings.

Some free games may require you to make a download, whereas others will be free classic slots no download, so you can jump in and start playing immediately, via your browser or mobile device ... so what are you waiting for?

Casino Daily News brings you all the best online casinos for playing old skool slots and everything else, so you can get peace of mind that you’re in good hands if you choose to game with one of our sites.



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