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Understanding Keno odds

Understanding Keno odds

Like in other casino games, the odds of winning in keno can be expressed as a percentage. A player can expect to get approximately 85% of his winning bets, and give the house 15%, which is an edge the gambling site has. A key aspect you should consider when using keno odds is how you can reduce your losses.


Probability on an 80 square card

One of the most widely used bets in the game is on a standard card of 80 squares. If you make a wager on five of the squares, there will be a 27% probability that all of them will be chosen. The chance that none of them will be picked is less, at 22%.


The probability of a win reduces with each additional number you choose getting matched. Typically one and two, the numbers with the best probabilities in the game, pay the least.  Here are the odds of landing wins based on the numbers you choose:


-        Ten numbers – 8,911,702:1

-        Nine numbers – 1,389,686:1

-        Eight numbers – 230,114:1

-        Seven numbers  40878:1

-        Six numbers - 7752 – 1

-        Five numbers – 1549:1

-        Four numbers – 325:1

-        Three numbers – 71.07:1

-        Two numbers – 15.63:1

-        One number - 3:1


Payouts on the game

The payouts you get on an online casino, when you play keno, are contingent on how many of the numbers you choose are hit. When this is multiplied by the ratio of your original bet and the basic rate of the pay-table, it will give you the payout you will be eligible for with the game ticket you played. While on most sites the probability of hitting a space increases with the number of spaces you choose to play, there are others at which you get paid better for hitting fewer numbers.


At most gaming sites, you will be allowed to place wagers on between one and twenty numbers. Other options you get may be between just one and ten or twelve and fifteen. You may also have to get specific spots selected by the site. The probability that you may get all the numbers on a twenty spot ticket is 1:3,535,316,142,212,180,000. This indicates that the odds of you getting all the numbers are very low.



While it is very difficult to get all the numbers on your ticket, you can get specific catches like zero, two, three or one. Sometimes catches from seventeen through nineteen pay the same as it would if you were to get a strong twenty.


Betting strategy

Use a betting strategy that can help you slow down the rate at which you lose money. You can retain your bankroll and fund games for longer than you would be able to otherwise. You will most likely get more opportunities to land small jackpots. Though the amount you win through them are small, you will get to accumulate quite a bit in the long run, as the likelihood of hitting these jackpots are high. An easy to use betting strategy is to bet few numbers. This way you can limit the amount of money you spend from your bankroll.

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