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Say the words ‘online casino’ to most people, and if they associate it with anything at all, it’s likely to be either slots, or table games like Baccarat and BlackJack, not to mention the various online Poker rooms available.

However there is a whole other side to the coin, no pun intended, and a big (if not growing) component of the online gaming world is that of Keno.

Read on and we’ll explain, not only how to play Keno, but a little of the best Keno strategy (such as it is) as well as where to find the best Internet sites for playing this intriguing little game.

The game is quite similar to Bingo, in that you select numbers on a card, and mark them off as numbers are randomly called out of a machine.

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But what are Keno cards?

Well, the online casino Keno game actually doesn't require a physical card. It's all on screen - a virtual card, if you like.

The basic Keno rules see you choose numbers (‘spots’) from a grid of 80, by clicking on them.

Whereas in Bingo you must choose a set amount, in Keno you can vary the number of spots you choose, for instance from between 2 and 10 numbers, or more (a 20-spot ticket would usually be the upper limit).

When you play Keno live, which effectively you always do (either against others or not, as the case may be) the online game automatically draws 20 balls from the 80 total, and it would mark off any ‘hits’ you had as it goes along.

Payouts will vary depending on how many numbers you choose and get. If you choose 1 number and it comes up out of the 20 – since the odds of that happening aren’t so small, the payout wouldn’t be so huge.

On the other hand this massively jumps up as you select more numbers, naturally – since the odds lengthen hugely – to the extent that 10 numbers could pay out tens of thousands to one if they came up!

In fact usually the minimum number of spots you can pick would be about 6.

On the other hand the best online Keno casino will have an option where you can choose zero numbers to come up.

How does that work? Well, online keno odds being as they are, if you have a 20 number ticket, it is more likely that you get at least 1 catch from the 20 called out, than zero, so it pays out accordingly.

It’s also important to remember when you play online Keno games that the whole process will be automated, so you usually don’t need to do anything at all once you’ve chosen a number of spots and placed your bets!

An overview of Keno strategies and tactics

Well, since Keno is a pure game of chance, there is not that much to be said, other than consider your bankroll, and commit yourself to quit once winnings increase beyond a certain level (or, less happily, if losses go beyond a pre-sent figure).

So for instance, say you have 20 to spend, at 1 per Keno sheet. You might pre-commit to quitting when you have won more than 20% of your bankroll (so when you’re up to 24) or lost more than 20% (so if you go below 16).

That way, whilst wins may not be spectacular, neither will losses! And you live to fight another day.

So, you could play it cautious, picking just a few numbers for low payouts, and if you’ve built up your bankroll a little you could go for more ambitious winnings by picking half a dozen (or more) numbers!

One other tick is to play Keno online free. This is a way of getting to grips with the game (remember the rules can vary slightly from casino to casino) without committing anything.

Naturally it will not require as much time as a more nuanced game like Texas Hold ‘em Poker, but it’s still well worth it and can pay dividends later.

Finding free keno online will not be difficult. Many casinos will let you try their games for ‘play’ money, at least for a limited (and sometimes unlimited) amount of time, though beware – any wins you do make will not be for real either, of course.

Another potentially more rewarding way of playing for free is to use the Welcome Bonus money and other promos casinos may offer.

Here, you will be using the bonus money for betting but you should also beware – such offers nearly always come with wagering requirements attached, which state that you have to ‘playthrough’ the bonus money a number of times (around x20 – x30 or so would be typical values) before you can claim any winnings.

Then again anything you do win over and above that will be yours to keep!

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